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- Test kitchen, what?
- [Man] Did you press record? We're good?
- Uch, now I have to check!
[lively music]
- So this is my kitchen.
- My parent's house in New Jersey.
- This is my kitchen.
- My brand new kitchen.
- And I'm gonna show you around.
- You're gonna get to snoop on my [bleep].
- Oh!
- Oh my, the phone fell off, hold on!
All right I'm recording.
Let's try that again, all right,
so this is my kitchen, I'm gonna take you,
it's not that big.
I'm gonna show you, starting at one end,
this just is a place where I keep all my appliances,
food processor, blender and sand mixer
and then on the bottom,
Dutch ovens, it's just handy to have those things
out and then this is a slab that I had cut from a surface
that I used when I was shooting photos for my book
and for pastry purposes it's nice to have marble
because it's great for rolling out dough.
So it's something I'm doing a lot at home.
And then on this side of the kitchen,
I have a cutting board,
that's all my friends at home,
they're lookin' real lively,
and then this area,
I like to have the things I use more frequently, handy.
I have two spray bottles, one is water
because sometimes when you're cooking
you wanna slow down the cooking process
so it's nice to spritz with a little bit of water.
An oil sprayer, non-arosal.
Coarse sea salt, it's this wonderful kind of gray
Sicilian salt and this right here is flaky salt.
I like to decant stuff into squeeze bottles.
Chili oil, black vinegar, we eat a lot of frozen dumplings
especially lately and this is my oven,
it's nice and large I love it,
it's actually a very accurate oven.
Bunch of fish spatulas which are maybe one of the most
used kitchen tools, strainers, my good friend Julia,
the patron saint of home cooks everywhere.
So I like to keep that photo of Julia Child in the kitchen
because just makes me feel good.
Why don't you say hi to my cat,
this is Mya, the more skiddish, less friendly cat
but she's actually being very social today.
In New York, one thing I hate is shlepping big boxes
of cans and that sort of thing so we have a soda stream
for making seltzer at home.
This is my first time living in New York with
a dishwasher it's incredible, so so useful and important.
So, that's my home kitchen, it's usually in some
state of disarray because someones always cooking something
and baking so I got it looking nice and shiny for you guys.
We're gonna hopefully in the next coming weeks
make a lot of fun stuff here so, looking forward to it.
- Hi guys, we're back in my kitchen in the east village
and I'm going to show you how I like to set myself up.
So, I have a little kitchen but I feel like
I've really optimized it.
I guess we'll start where it's the most ridiculous
which is the spice cabinet which is all of this.
And it keeps going.
I like to have my hot stuff,
so this is chilies, different like chili blends
like piri piri spice blends,
like anything that's like
kind of spicy goes in the hot stuff.
Over here I've got warm spices.
Cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cloves, that kinda stuff.
Up top here, that's my aromatic spices area,
fenna, green, nigella, caraway.
This is funny business, MSG, green mango powder,
stuff that you know really can't find a home anywhere else.
Oh and then the top shelf is all dried chilis.
I wasn't lying when I said I can make mole like right now.
So, all right, over here up top
that's where I keep all of my baking supplies.
I keep it out of reach 'cause I bake too much
so this way I have to like really work for it, you know?
I often climb on stools, get out on the counters,
it's very dangerous
and I'm probably gonna die this way.
The most exciting cabinet right now
is the snack cabinet which is abnormally full
because you know, stress snack eating.
I have bugles.
This really pisses everyone at the test kitchen off
like they really hate this, but I freeze my bananas whole.
I don't know why, I probably shouldn't
but I don't know when my bananas get brown and then I panic!
I'm just gonna sit on the floor with you
and show you my fridge.
[laughs] Okay, there is always a lot of dairy
in our fridge, we're big dairy eaters so there's always
tons and tons of caffeire that's my favorite thing.
Sour cream, heavy cream, yogurt,
a couple types of yogurt.
Lots of butter, I just don't wanna not have butter.
Oh, all of that, that entire thing,
that goes all the way to the back of the fridge
an that's filled completely with oysters.
Oh Clementines coming!
Come here, Clem, Clem, come here [laughs].
This is Clementine, she's dog number two
and she loves to eat anything.
Yeah, little Clem, she's gonna run away with her leaf now.
[lively music]
- Okay, so here we are in my kitchen.
And this is a view from kind of the open end down
to the kitchen, that's a view of my child escaping.
- [Leo] Are you vlogging?
- Yeah, we're vlogging.
- Leo Music everyone.
You kinda have two counters on either side.
And where I usually set up on this butcher block,
I've got natural light from the windows
and that's where I take all my reference photos
for my cookbook, I can get a nice picture until
about 3:00 in the afternoon when the light fades
and then I can't really get pretty pictures of food anymore.
All right, whoa, she's crowded right now.
I have just like a large amount of rendered
fats from different cooking projects and wine which is
in high demand right now.
The other thing that I do in my fridge
is I keep my produce separate.
Oye ya ya!
Veggies on one side, we have a lot of mismanagement here
and fruit on the other, it's packed right now.
A lot of things are labeled, I hope that you can see that
and that you know that I'm telling the truth
when I tell you guys to label stuff.
We're goin' through kimchi like it is goin' outta style.
Half the freezers taken up right now
by a large piece of pork.
All right, already cooked beans, stock,
I have dregs of white wine.
Things that I don't wanna go bad
and little elements of things that are gonna
add flavors to meals, little powerpacks in there.
This is where I keep all my spices.
I don't really alphabetize or anything,
but I do try to keep the tops of the lids labeled.
I have ironically corona beans,
didn't know that was gonna happen when I bought those.
But the real like, touch these ingredients every single day,
I'm going to my stovetop caddy
and what I've got on there is olive oil,
this is my dad's red wine vinegar that he makes
in his basement [laughs] also with my butter dish
and a coconut oil.
I think if you are home and you're cooking a lot,
figure out what you have, figure out what you like
to cook with and then maybe feel better about
all the ingredients that you have right now to get cookin'.
[lively music]
- Yo, Alex here, I am not in the test kitchen,
I don't know anything that's happening
in my parents' kitchen right now
but my parents have a turn table, thankfully
and I am a big music nerd so this without any further ado
is going to be, oh, the tour of the tote of records
that Alex brought to his parent's house.
Okay, first up, George Harrison, a fitting title,
all things must pass, some of the greatest love songs ever,
in the history of music are on this album.
Next up, The Olympians, instrumental soul,
recorded a few years ago, really good working from
home music like this album will get [bleep] done for you,
this is productivity music.
Ramsey Lewis, Mother Nature's Son.
This album is just filled with really groovy jazz
Beatles covers, rock americana.
Ambient Scandinavian musician?
A chill electro band.
This album front to back, slaps!
The songs on here are so good, it's like awesome,
very groovy.
Wait, there's one other thing.
One of the other things I brought with me was like,
a lot of my bar [laughs].
Solid amount of booze here.
This tote is just filled with wine, oh God!
Again, I love my parents but
can't be drinkin' Pinot Grigio all the time, cheers!
- Here we got a little nice rack just hangin',
little thingy thingy, okay no big deal.
So this is my kitchen, okay.
This is all I'm gonna show you, the frame that you have.
This is the first date, see how it goes.
So here's a couple cool things,
I keep this in the fridge after opening,
this is a little crushed calabrian chili pepper,
boom, little heat, nice,
it's got this really unique flavor, fantastic!
In here is just a little,
oh this is nice, I just put this kinda,
this is my pepper, and I just use it nice, okay?
It's black pepper, pink peppercorns, 10% sumac.
Oh it's nice, little salt.
I gotta chicken smokin' right now, okay?
Covered in this stuff.
Dried figs.
Let me open this up.
I like to mince it up, put it into like a vinegarette,
drop it into a braise or a stew or somethin',
chunk it up into a salad, whatever you wanna do.
Bianco, crushed tomatoes,
this is what we used in making perfect pizza
and these were the best man, and good to have, stock up.
See what else we got, spices up here, I hate these cabinets.
Oh we got a lot of good stuff in here.
Some fermented powders from previous it's alive videos.
Oh this is good stuff.
Z and Z, zatar, uch!
Couple bottles of decent vinegars hangin' around.
Yeah we got all this stuff, I got bananas,
I got pots and pans, I got bread,
you know stick around maybe if we do this again
I'll show ya the other wall
'cause it's pretty freakin' cool too.
All right, might leave you hangin' Dan.
That's it, get out!
- Okay. - Sorry!
- Hi everyone, it's Priya,
I am actually at my parent's house in Dallas
and I'm gonna show you around their kitchen.
- And voila, it's ready!
- Wow, okay the yogurt is ready, literally perfect timing.
And in this era of extra caution and social distancing,
we all have cups with our names on them.
Achoo, sorry guys!
- [Man] Did you just sneeze on all the cups?
- Oh yeah, you might have to replace the cups.
- We'll replace them! - Sorry [laughs].
Oh we got, I love this thing.
This is my dad's favorite knife,
we got this from Alaska.
I feel like this is something very up Brad's ally.
The spice cabinet, anything you could possibly dream of
we have and then we have more in the pantry
which I'll show you.
So we've got literally every lentil variety
you could imagine, we have just like a rainbow
of spices we're not gonna run out.
We actually have two fridges and this has got your basics.
Kambucha, my dad's teenie tiny diet cokes.
Two heads of cauliflower so we can always make alogobi.
This is probably the most used condiment,
Maggie Tamerin sauce, my dad will go out and buy
samosas and we will douse them in this tamerin sauce,
very good, I'll show you, we also have Maggie noodles.
Wow, my dad just confirmed we have the Maggie noodles.
We have the noodles!
Okay, now we are going into our laundry room
and this is the second fridge, filled with old childhood
photos of me, here I am at age eight.
The highlight in here is
you'll find all of our homemade pickles.
In Indian cuisine a har or pickle is just a combination
of vegetables or fruits, spices, oils
that you let sit out in the sun and get nice and like,
they just get so delicious and salty and tangy.
And this is a caper achar.
It's really good and these are all old tomato sauce jars.
And then we've got.
- [Dad] That's the mother of the achars.
- What's the mother of all the achars?
- These, beautiful. - Oh, this is the mother
of all achars my dad says, dad do you wanna hold this
and hold on, let me,
you guys are all in this shot by the way [laughs].
Tyree you're just like on your couch in the shot.
- Hey!
- Are we doing the fridge?
No [laughs]!
Let me fix it in five seconds!
Hi guys, we're in my kitchen right now.
I'm gonna give you a little tour.
My kitchen as you can see is a big space.
This is like my main main part in the kitchen.
My salt and my other fancy salt, molden salt.
And then I have two ray maries one for all my tools
and then I have a second one with all my spoons.
This is my piggy bank, you know.
My one plant because all my other plants died.
Here is my mate, my mate is always here.
I don't use paper napkins so I have a collection
of mismatched fabric napkins and then my fridge,
are you ready for this?
I have cholula because you always have to have cholula.
In the pot back here I have some bones
and I'm gonna make bone broth.
Then I have hoochos food, hoocho it's meat and rice.
Some tortillas, tomatoes I got yesterday,
I never have tomatoes.
That's pretty much it, I don't have a big fridge.
And here we have a pantry!
I didn't really have time to like finish organizing them
I know a lot of people are gonna be like this is super
organized but for me, it's not the way I like it.
I'm gonna walk inside, I have a walk-in pantry.
Here you go, you see me?
It's messy right now, please don't hate me.
Ah avalanche!
This shouldn't be here.
And then I have some wine, my two vacuums,
yes don't hate me, I have two vacuums.
And then I have one more shelf
where I keep things that I really never use.
Can you see it?
Ah, not a camera pro.
So yeah, that's my pantry.
Oh my God, this close up, with this light, no no no.
- Hi everybody, my name is Amiel Stanek,
I'm here in my home kitchen.
Let me get you the, yeah okay.
So this is like where I spend almost all of my time
in the kitchen that's directly behind me.
The prep table, I love a stainless steel prep table,
there's nothing like it in the world
and they're so cheap and then being able to like turn around
really easily and just get to the sink right here.
Oh these bowls are fun.
Carla Lalli Music's sister,
Nina has a company called Mondays
and I bought a bunch of seconds from her.
This is actually like cool,
this is really almost like vintage vermouths
from the '70s, and it stays good.
What else we got in here?
Oh some pache that I made like a while ago in December?
I think it's still good though,
I braised some chicken in it the other week.
Tumeric ginger brew thing that's not actually
ready to eat lupini beans.
We're actually a little low on produce
which I find slightly alarming.
I feel like an old man.
Let's see, oh kit kats!
That's fun!
We have like an embarrassing amount of vodka in here.
Oh Jesus!
You know, I'm Polish, drink vodka, but I like it
real real cold, we have beef kidneys, lamb liver,
some lamb kidneys too!
Um, this is a soup base
for zurek which is a Polish soup
that's made with like sour rye.
So it's kind of like a sourdough soup
and everybody in my house has been really skeptical
about it and I'm gonna make them that soup
and they're gonna like it.
Oh, I love this shape, zucca.
It's like little pumpkins.
Oh I forgot about this terrifying thing
that you see behind us which is the packaging
for a funnel that a friend gave us.
Pino the sweet nosey, I love Pino.
There's the backyard, I don't know if you can see it.
But it looks pretty bleak right now,
I swear we're gonna plant a garden or something like that.
Yeah, that's the kitchen set up.
Thanks for tuning in.
- How's my hair?
Pretty cute?
Okay, I think when I kind of moved in here
a couple of days ago and thought really long and hard
about what things are the essentials that I need to have,
the first things that came to mind were
copious amounts of olive oil,
lots of citrus so both lemons and limes,
some kind of vinegar, and kosher salt.
It's is not as flushed out as my home pantry
but I'm surviving nonetheless.
So, down here, underneath my island,
the top zone is for snick snacks,
Mary's Gone crackers.
Black pepper flavor, it's not my favorite flavor
but we're not being picky right now.
Have' A Corn Chips which are one of the greatest
tortilla chips in the world
and the bottom of some Corn Chex.
And then on the other side,
we've got our grains and legumes.
Long grain white rice, some French lentils,
some Lima beans, I'm about to start making a [bleep] ton
of smoothies in this house so I just stocked up
on cashews, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds and pistachios
We got some hot sauce and some Worcestershire because
we plan on making meachalladas this weekend.
Oh and this is the best part of this house.
It comes with peanuts in the shell,
for cracking, so we've been cracking on those.
So I have eggs, cottage cheese,
in the back here that would be a margarita
that I didn't finish last night
that I decided I should probably keep in case
I run out of margaritas at any point.
So, that's probably not super tasty anymore.
Oh hold on, let's close this a second, she's beeping.
Second shelf is kind of dedicated to
booze and meat I would say which is maybe a weird choice
but I'm kind of into it.
[refrigerator beeping]
Oh we're beepin'.
Please hold.
And then here is the big produce drawer which is kinda
stressing me out a little bit right now.
Citrus is one of my desert island ingredients.
So I have a lot of lemons and limes.
I also picked up some mangoes and Asian pears,
some more citrus 'cause we're in California
and it's citrus season.
And then we've got ice, and that's for making cocktails!
Hey Ben!
Should we go find him?
What's happening in here?
[lively music]
A couple of weenie dogs.
- Oh this is very awkward.
Yeah, somehow we went from an apartment that wasn't
big enough to an apartment that's even smaller,
but here we are.
Honestly, I didn't go crazy trying to like clean everything
and like make it perfect for you guys 'cause Lord knows
you'll probably just be back in here next week.
So like this is our like,
I don't even know what to call this,
got wine on top and then we got like other assorted
detritus like, marmade, I'm sad to say my kids are hooked on
Got a couple banes, got big coon spoons, small coon spoons.
This, I'm sad to say is my knife drawer right now.
You know, I've got like knives just kind of stored in here
because I'm terrified of the kids kinda being able
to get to them if they're anywhere else.
Thermapen, I've got my CDNTM8s, got my Joyce Chens,
got my duck tape, what are you gonna do without duck tape?
You know, can't duck it [bleep] it.
Isn't that how the saying goes?
Thirsty, yeah, get it!
Bowls of fruit.
Kai, from Ninjago.
What's he doing in there, I would love to know.
This is my spice drawer.
I actually firmly believe in a lot of blends.
Just 'cause space is limited for me.
I love the blends from New York Shuk,
chopped masala, all this stuff slaps!
You know, I was thinking about trading this chaotic
drawer of doom for this drawer,
so I could like really free things up for more spices
but we just have to keep some dumb stuff in here
like friggen three hole punch, pokemon card,
why is that there?
Who friggen knows?
You wanna know why I don't have room for everything?
This stuff takes up so much room, it's unbelievable, okay?
Damn you!
All right, to the fridge.
Got your cow milk, got your oat milk,
got your wine, got La Croax propping up the roast chicken
keeping everything at nice tidy angles.
Oh, BAs best chocolate chip cookies, able to be baked
right from frozen whenever you need.
But yeah, I feel lucky to honestly have a space
that's comfortable, that looks good, room for the plants
you know, it works and yeah we're a little bit extra
packed full these days just trying to keep more stuff
on hand so I don't have to run out
to the supermarket very often.
But three it is, that's the tour.
[lively music]
- Uch!
Hi everyone, it's Christina, I am in my home kitchen
and today I'm gonna talk you through my set-up at home.
I've been working on this kitchen island,
it's just like one of the basic ones from Ikea.
This is where I keep sort of everything that I would ever
need to make 95% of the meals that I cook in my house.
I have my cast iron skillets,
measuring cups, like more mixing bowls,
and this is my set up directly to the left of my range.
A tiny bowl of flaky salt,
pint container of kosher salt,
a pepper mill and a squeeze bottle of olive oil.
And for so many of my meals,
these are the things that I'm reaching for.
My spice drawer which is like my pride and joy,
that was a project I embarked on when I first moved in here.
Wow, I'm looking at myself with this fridge as
the background, it's like so depressing.
I'm only gonna show you my freezer and then close it,
because I don't wanna talk about it.
So, I hope you enjoyed that.
[laughs] My pantry is in another room
off the kitchen which is an extreme luxury.
Here we go, it's also where we keep
just like pretty much everything in my house.
It makes me really happy because everything is labeled.
A container that says Asian noodles but is actually
white rice and then above me, we have a real embarrassment
of riches when it comes to appliances.
We have like three rice cookers and two pressure cookers
and it's just absurd.
Our most important thing in here,
our wine fridge.
You know, it's pretty full at the moment.
It's really been getting us through a lot.
Oh yes, and this is my mushroom poster.
It says, Les Chamognons, The Mushrooms,
very important.
[lively music]
- Okay, I've been traveling around Mexico for the last
six months and when things started to get a little bit
crazy I decided it was time to stop, hunker down,
and start cooking and writing.
So that's where I am right now.
I've only been here for five days so things are a little bit
not fully stocked but I have chicken stock
and I have my favorite beverage
in the universe, Topo Chico.
I pretty much have it every night,
I go sit out on the terrace
and just have my Topo Chico and lime.
This beautiful pineapple.
Let me pull it out.
It's probably a little past prime but that just means
it's really sweet and so what I'm gonna end up doing
is I'm gonna make an agua fresca, I just fell in love
with pineapple water so that
is what's gonna happen with that.
And then, I have some emergency cookie dough,
because now is one giant emergency
and I'm always in need of cookies.
I found this and I wanted to show this to Morocco,
this is a sizzle tray but it's cast iron
which I'm like super excited about.
So I actually wanna grill a steak on this
'cause it's pretty rad.
My sheet trays, this is one of my favorite tools
in the kitchen so if I was gonna mease out
four recipes at once, I'd have four sheet trays,
everything organized and set to go
so I could just start cooking right away.
And nothing gets mixed up.
These are some of the really beautiful pottery
that I've been collecting throughout Mexico.
And then I have my baking drawer which is
very important to me because I love to bake
and more importantly, I love to eat cookies
and that is pretty much my little Mexican kitchen.
[lively music]
- God this feels like Cribs in 1999 or something.
Okay, while this isn't my kitchen
I have like a pretty good set up.
I did bring some of my pantry items,
not as many as I thought I would need.
It's a little messy.
You got some pasta.
Some San Pelligrino, I prefer flat.
Some of these things are not mine, including this,
including this, including that.
No shame, if you're into that.
It's very hard doing this with one hand.
Flaky, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds,
paprika, Adam's favorite, actually his least favorite.
I don't know what this is, huh almond milk,
I should've used that for my coffee.
Some romaine, this parsley that shouldn't be here,
this dill that shouldn't be here, it should be here.
Hmmm, leeks that shouldn't be here either.
And then when it comes to our freezer,
it's a little bit more chaotic.
Some bagels, cinnamon raisin remix,
definitely not my pick
and some vodka
because well you gotta--
- Thanks for checkin' out my kitchen.
Bon appetit.
- Bon appetit.
- Bon appetit, huh?
[lively music]
- Oh, did I get your bit. - That's why you shouldn't
mess around. - Aw, I got 'em.
Got 'em with the cut, ah! [child yelling]