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During the 1st night, the man that gives you instructions over the phone, simply named "Phone Guy",
mentions an incident he calls The Bite of '87.
In other words it seems to be implied that one of the animatronics violently bit someone, most likely a customer.
The victim survived, but the attack resulted in a partial loss of the victims brain,
Who this person was, or what specific animatronic was involved, this of course, not known,
However, a likely candidate could be Foxy.
His jaw appears broken which could be a result of the biting,
and his sharp teeth and large mouth make it the most capable of causing serious damage.
There are four main antagonists in the game.
Freddy Fazbear,
Bonnie the Bunny,
Chica the Chicken,
And Foxy the Pirate.
Then there's a special character.
He's been dubbed "Golden Freddy" by fans,
but in the game files he's referred to as "Yellow Bear".
The only indication that he will appear is a poster of his face in Cam 2B.
If the player then returns to the main room, Golden Freddy will be waiting.
Soon after he attacks, and the game crashes.
Unlike all the other animatronics in the game,
Golden Freddy can get into the office no matter if the doors are closed, or not.
Equally strange, is that
The monitors in the room, do not show any reflections of him, being in front of them.
This might suggests that Golden Freddy is simply some form of
He will also appear if you enter 1, 9, 8, 7,
During the custom night setup screen.
1, 9, 8, 7, being a reference to the Bite of '87 previously mentioned.
When you start up the game and the help-wanted ad is displayed,
The text around the ad is just some written stuff by the creator.
The game's creator, Scott Cawthon, has stated that
He thought the 4/20 setting in custom night was impossible to complete.
But when Twitch streamer and Youtuber, BigBug, proved that it actually was possible,
Scott added a third star to the title screen of the game to reward a specific accomplishment.
According to several posters in the game, there was a kidnapping at some point,
That resulted in five children going missing inside at Freddy's.
It's believed that the man dressed up as one of the mascots,
and then lured the children away.
An unnamed suspect was arrested for the crime,
But the bodies of the five children were never found.
Given that the creator said that the animatronics are haunted,
And the fact that blood had been found around their eyes by customers, and
that all of them make different human-like noises.
One could assume that the five animatronics are somehow possessed,
By the five missing children.
In the trailer for the game,
Bonnie is shown running down the hallway.
But he was stripped of this ability in the final game with
Foxy taking his place.
He was is also shown to remove his face and thus,
revealing his endoskeleton
But this never actually happens in the final game.
Instead of hearing Phone Guy at the beginning of night Five, you get this...
But if you reverse the recording, it sounds like the voice is quoting the book,
"Autobiography of a Yogi". It's a section where a scientist talks about these theories that
animals, plants, and even metals, share a similar life force.
Whenever you viewed a Golden Freddy poster,
the laughter of a child can be heard...
Freddy actually has the exact same laugh, only slowed down...
The scream of the four, main animatronics when they, jumpscare the player,
seems to be a heavily modified version of a child's scream.
It's usually cut off in the game, but it's much easier to hear in the full version
found in the game files...
As with most games a few things had to be cut from the final release.
For example, the map was originally going to look like this.
the camera icons would have been small circles that turns green when selected.
This also allowed you to see which direction of the cameras were facing.
Some of the cameras also changed location during this stage of development.
For example, the backstage camera was originally behind, or beside the door.
And in the beginning, the game was supposed to feature a life system.
Scott has also mentioned that some of the other animatronics were removed from the game,
but, that they will instead be in the sequel, coming out sometime next year.
Before Scott created Five Night's at Freddy's,
He worked on several other, more, family-friendly games.
But these games were unfortunately torn apart by some prominent reviewers by saying that
the characters in the game look like animatronic animals.
He said that he was at first, heartbroken by this and were even ready to quit the gaming industry altogether.
But then, one night, he realized that he could take what these reviewers have said,
and use it to his own advantage.
Thus, Five Night's at Freddy's
came to life.