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These day, people are getting divorced left and right. It's really not an issue in most
parts of the world, you can get divorced for any reason really. Back in the day, as in
way way back in the day like a couple of centuries ago, it wasn't such an easy task. During the
16th and 17th century in France, male impotence was considered a crime and thus legal grounds
for a divorce. Basically, if you couldn't get it up, your wife could legally end the
marriage. No fucking pressure. Or should I say no fucking pressure. And as you can imagine,
wives saw this as a way to escape their marriage for any reason really as all they had to do was accuse
their husband of incompetence. Of course, it wasn't that simple though. You see, as
with any crime, you need evidence to prove that what you say is in fact true. So when
a husband was charged with the crime of erectile dysfunction, he was to demonstrate his powers
of erection before an expert team of priests, surgeons, and midwives. These experts would
carefully examine his equipment to reach an opinion on its elastic tension, natural motion,
and ability to ejaculate. Should he, against all odds, fail this test. He had but one option
left. To demand Trial by Congress wherein he would be given 2 hours to have sex with
his accuser - his wife - as the ultimate proof that he could indeed perform in the bedroom.
Should he fail this test as well, it would not only result in the dissolution of the
marriage. He would also be ridiculed by the public for many years to cum.
When you're having sex, is it possible to get stuck? Unable to pull out so to speak.
And don't claim you haven't though about this, we have all thought about this and believe
it or not, it's not a myth, it is actually possible. But what are words compared to an illustration.
So let me illustrate...
I actually went to the store and bought a pack of donuts and sausages just for this video.
This phenomenon even has a name which is "penis captivus". While science
isn't entirely sure why this is happening, what is happening is that the muscles of the
vagina clamp down on the penis which makes it impossible to withdraw. Luckily this is
an extremely rare thing and in case it should ever happen to you, it usually only lasts
for a couple of minutes.
Out of context, things such as a person's saliva, sweat, semen, and body odor is often
seen as very disgusting. So why aren't we more disgusted by sex and other sexual interactions?
A study was conducted to find out why and what they found was that sexual arousal actually
lowers your level of disgust which in turn allows us to regard sex as a very pleasant
experience instead of an unpleasant disgusting one. Disgust-induced avoidance is the scientific
term for not wanting to do something disgusting and normally you would not want to drink from
this glass of juice with a dead insect in it. If you're sexually aroused however, it's
a lot more likely that you wont care and take a sip anyway.
Not only do women have longer, multiple, and more intense orgasms. They have other ways
of achieving it then just regular sex. For example, as much as 15% of women can achieve
orgasm by working out. The more scientific term for it would be exercise-induced orgasms,
but it's more commonly referred to as coregasm as it happens when performing certain ab exercises.
It's not entirely clear how this happens but it is, unfortunately for all men, a women
exclusive. Anywhere from around 1-5% of women can also climax by stimulation of their nipples
alone. A so called nipplegasm. Of course, women doesn't get all the fun as guys have
a much higher chance of actually having an orgasm in the first place. In many studies,
men climax around 80% of the time during regular intercourse while women orgasm as seldom as
25% of the time. If you want to give both parties the maximum probability of success,
oral sex is the way to go.
Size does in fact matter. Not necessarily in the way you think though, as research have
found that fat men last significantly longer in bed compared to more slender and fit men.
Heavier men are able to make love for an average of 7.3 minutes, while men with a more healthy
BMI only last for an average of only 1.8 minutes. The reason for this is female hormones. Men
with excess fat has higher levels of the female sex hormone called estradiol. This substance
disrupt their bodies natural "male" chemicals and slow down their progression towards orgasm.
The average length of an erect human penis is roughly between 13-15 centimeters. And
a penis with a length less then 7 centimeters is medically referred to as a micropenis.
Now the question is of course, is it big enough? Studies show that around half of all men think
their dick is too small, while 7 out of 8 women think their man's length is just fine.
So for the most part, size isn't as significant as many men seem to think it is. On the other
hand, the average depth of the human vagina is anywhere between 6-13 centimeters. So all
this makes you wonder why we associate a large penis with manlihood, because for the most
part of history it's actually been the other way around. From Ancient Greece to Ancient
Rome all the way up to the Renaissance, a small penis was better. In fact in many plays
and stories, male characters where punished by receiving a much larger penis. Michelangelo’s
David is another example. It wasn't until the late 1800s and early 1900s when pornographic
photography and motion pictures paved the way for the modern porn industry. And a large
focus of porn is namely the penis. It wasn't long until bigger meant better and comically
large penises, much like gigantic breasts, took center stage.
Around 25% of all men say that they have faked an orgasm. You might be wondering how that's
possible but men can actually orgasm without ejaculating which means that faking it isn't
that much of a problem. On the other hand, over 70% of women claim to have faked it.
For the longest time, it was believed that humans where the only creatures that had sex
for pleasure. We now know that this isn't the case as quite a few animals have been
observed doing just that. Some examples are dolphins, hyenas, seahorses, and bonobo apes.
And it's not just in the form of regular sex, no no, bonobo apes in particular are extremely
diverse in their sexual behavior. Things such as masturbation, homosexuality, bisexuality,
oral sex, and necrophilia are just a few things that bonobos do all the time. And I really
mean all the time. They use sexual acts to resolve conflicts, to greet each other, and
as bargaining for trading food. As a result, bonobo apes are an extremely peaceful species.
Being a virgin over a certain age is very stigmatized in many parts of the world. In
the United States and Europe for example, most people have sex for the first time between
the ages of 16-18. But almost 30% of people between the ages of 15-24 are still virgins.
Not only that, but most women who lose their virginity between the ages of 16-18 wish that
they had waited a little longer. And while it's difficult to say, anywhere from 1-4%
of all people in the US die without ever having sex. A few famous people are known or at least
highly suspected to have died as virgins as well, for example Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla,
Andy Warhol, Queen Elizabeth I, J. Edgar Hoover, and Joseph Cornell among others.
During the 13th century, Genghis Khan founded and ruled the Mongol Empire, the largest land
empire in all of history. In his quest for dominance around 40 million people or so where
killed in his name. At the time, that was 10% of the entire world's population. Now
like most guys, Genghis Khan liked sex. Very much so in fact because Genghis Khan did not
fuck around when it came to fucking around. He had so much sex with so many women that
today, around 16 million men are direct descendants of Genghis Khan. That's 1 in every 200 men
alive today. And a staggering 10% of all men who reside within the borders of the now long
gone Mongol Empire are his descendants. It's not known how many lovers he had but estimates
range from a couple of hundreds to several thousands. I wondered if he felt like he had
to give something back to the world after taking so many from it?
Nah, he probably just liked to fuck.