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The MIT Museum Studio and
Compton Gallery is the
experimental arm of the MIT
Museum. It's driven by student
ideas; student energy.
The Studio is a completely open
space. A lot of people come in
and they're wondering, "Is this
a classroom? Is it a laboratory?
Can I do research hear? What's
really going on?" And I think
its actually a blend of all
those things. And the whole
point of it is to not fit into
one of these predetermined
catagories and its really the
only space on campus where
students can pioneer their
own creative vision on a project
on an experiment, or anything
else. We want people out there
to understand what makes this
place tick. And one of the key
things that makes MIT tick, is
our students. And at MIT there
are tons of creative people,
artistic people, but there's
not always opportunity, I guess,
to get away and work on a
creative project. And so, for me
the Studio was amazing because
I had the chance to put aside
my other work and go and make
something with my hands and
be artistic. Its really free
form. If you want to have a
more formal UROP experience
they do that here. If you want
to simply have access to the
space, work on some small things
and give back to this community
as well, that's up to you.
In addition to being workspace
its also a gallery so its a place
where we can show off all the
cool projects that go on here.
When you think of the MIT
Museum its like a multidisciplinary
learning environment. I mean,
it's full sensory. Visuals,
sound, interactives, environmental
exhibitions and learning
experiences. And so we thought,
"Why wouldn't we engage students
with this." So the MIT Museum
Studio is an incubator space
where students can come and
build displays, some of which
we hope will go in the museum
for visitors to see.
I think its easy for people to
isolate themselves into a certain
niche of work, or academia, but
what's unique about this space
is that it forces you to break down
those barriers and those walls
and consider things that you
wouldn't normally consider in
a traditional academic setting.
Like how something looks.
How something feels. The MIT
Museum Studio and Compton
Gallery makes student creativity
and learning processes visible.
I would like to see the Studio
become a showcase right at the
center of campus, of that kind
of student exploration and
student expression.