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This is the St George Wharf Tower-
the enormous residential block,
that is nearly completed --
in Vauxhall.
Now, the start of 2013
a helicopter crashed into the crane, that was building this... building.
And, well...
It was the first fatal helicopter crash in London,
since records began.
But the reason those are so rare,
is because there is a massive safety precaution in London:
Helicopters must follow the river.
And there are two reasons for that:
One, is that the London City Airport flight path
ends at London City Airport,
about 8 miles that way.
In fact, you can see a plane coming in now.
That way air traffic control now that
over the river there might be helicopters,
but without special permission:
without a police helicopter, an air ambulance,
or someone who's filed a filming permit months in advance there...
Okay, it is windy up here,
and that is a long way town.
Without special permission,
air traffic control know that
there won't be helicopters in the way of the planes.
But the second reason is more important,
and that is:
if a helicopter suffers an engine failure ,
most pilots-- most qualified pilots--
will be able to put the helicopter down safely,
because helicopters can do something called "autorotation"--
they can powered by the air going through the blades
as they fall--
and make a safe landing.
But where's a safe landing spot in a city this big?
You're probably going to hit a building or a person,
no matter where you come down,
unless you are flying over the river
and following its path,
in which case, if your engine suddenly fails
you're going to be fine.
A bit wet, but fine,
unless of course,
someone puts an enormous building in the way
and it's foggy.
And that
is something you've might not have known!
And I'm getting down from here now.
Seriously, that's a really long way down!
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Subtitles by: MM