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I'm at Platform 9¾, the actual Platform 9¾ in King's Cross Station.
Well, I say actual. Obviously, there isn't an actual one.
It's fictional. And when JK Rowling wrote the book, she was actually thinking about Euston,
which is over there. But here is the thing you might not know: The people
from the Harry Potter shop -- just around the corner, there is two of them just there -- Wave guys!
Folks from the Harry Potter shop
have put a proper Kings Cross luggage trolley here,
halved, disappearing into the wall.
Lots of people know about this but what you might not know is that the platform is
currently in the wrong place:
Because over there is Platform 8 and over there is
Platform 9, which means that this should be 8¾.
This isn't just, however, the convenient place to put it. Kings Cross currently has a Platform 0,
which means that eventually after they're done with all the redevelopment
Problem 0 will get renumbered: It will become Platform 1. 1 will become 2,
2 will become 3, 8 will become 9, 9 will become 10.
And Platform 9¾ will finally be
in the correct place and that is something you might not know.
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