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Hi everyone, welcome to this Create a Game series.
So, this little game that you see right now,
is what we're going to be spending our time building
from the ground up, in Unity with the C# language.
So, the game itself is super straight forward,
You shoot bad guys to advance to the next round,
where you'll find nothing other than more and tougher bad guys.
As for the series itself, difficulty wise,
we have to put a game together,
not discuss what a variable is and so forth
so definitely you're going to need at least a decent basics understanding of C#
if you want to be able to follow the series comfortably.
Just to give you a rough overview of the topics we will be covering:
we will start with the Player controller
and then implement a Weapon and Damage system
an Enemy spawner and some basic Enemy AI.
At that point we will have already have a basic playable prototype
which we will be able to build upon with things like Map generation,
which will be a little bit more complicated.
Then we basically just need to create different weapons, visual effects
implement some audio and make a simple User Interface,
and our game will pretty much be complete.
Hopefully that gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect from the series.
I hope you will join me in Episode 1.
Thanks for watching! Cheers.