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Epic Rap Battles Of History
Wonder Woman
Stevie Wonder.
Wonder Woman fly
I'm about to tell you why
Princess Diana but this lady don't die
my rhymes are signed, sealed
and delivered on time
you a bald has-been, I'm in my amazon prime!
I'll tell you what I say
you bit your style from Ray
the grin and the shades
and the King Cobra head sway
Gods made me out of clay
then they broke the mold
I'm like Gina Davis, in a justice league of my own
I just called to say
that you need to ditch the hair beads
lookin like the Predator
aften some chemotherapy
but don't be scared
I let bats down easy
so you don't gotta worry 'bout a thing Little Stevie
I feel like this is the beginning
but you have sucked for
a few thousand years
I'm a man who comes from a higher ground
and I say DC is a whole step down
I've been spitting out hits
since both Fingertips
so use the tip of your fingers
and read my lips
how you gonna talk about a bat being blind?
you need to echo-relocate to the fourth of luly
because you're MS. Independent
or at least you try
but your first story is you
running off with a guy
now let me tell the truth
cause I know you got the lasso
you got that wack flow
Suffering Sappho!
I"m the ceremony master
blaster with the bars
and I got more grammys
than your panties got stars
Well I'm a woman who wonders
what you're thinking
some of your records
make me wish you started drinking
even if I stick to the best selections
your Youtube videos
raise some vision questions
Your ignorant questions
could never cause as much pain
as never knowing
how stupid you look in your airplane
you're a misguided C-minus
on the Bechdel test joke
and my worst song is better
than your best TV show
Look I don't want to judge a Talking Book
by its cover
but of the vegan buffet
you're a Full Time Lover.
and part time father
from what I've discovered
9 ditferent kids
with 5 ditferent mothers
you couldn't walk in my shoes
so stick to your re boots
with plots so thin
even I can see through
It's not a superstition
I believe you got dissed
not even your tiara's
coming back trom this (haha)