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I'm with Colin Furze.
That's me.
Dangling upside down with magnetic shoes that he's made.
Colin, do you want to explain how these work?
we've got a microwave transformer,
you cut it in half, take one of the coils out,
and you end up with this, like a little E-shaped block,
whack a car battery on it, and you've got a super strong electromagnet
which if you then put in some shoes, you can make magnet shoes!
Which are great aren't they Tom! They are!
Surprisingly physically demanding, this.
Um, but let's talk about fail-safes.
Because, well, these electromagnets can be used in a lot of things
they're used in the doors in the office I work,
and those doors are fail-SAFE.
Fail-safe does not mean we have a backup,
fail-safe means they fail, and it is safe.
You see if the power fails, if there's an emergency, something like that,
then everything's fine, the doors unlock automatically because there's no power, and everyone can get out.
There is an opposite to fail-safe, which is fail-deadly,
and you usually find that in things like nuclear submarines,
who have orders to fire if everything falls to pieces.
These shoes? Well they may not be fail-deadly, but they're certainly
fail-unsafe, because if the electromagnets fail, or if the battery fails
or if I, accidentally, push one of these shiny red buttons here,
well, then I fall to the ground, neck first, swiftly followed by the incredibly heavy magnetic shoes
which, will probably kick me in the face.
So with all due respect to your invention Colin, which is marvelous,
can I come down now? Yep.
You're looking as red as your t-shirt.
Oh my God it takes so much out of you, this does!
That's wonderful. There you go.
Colin's channel is on screen now, he has all sorts of wonderful things
like a jet powered bicycle, and world-record attempts.
Thank you very much! It's all right.
That, was take 4, and I am not doing that again.
You really appreciate gravity now don't you?
Thanks Colin.
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