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MITx is MIT's online learning initiative.
It's a worldwide initiative.
The plan with MITx, the vision with MITx,
is to make available MIT courses online to both internal MIT
audiences and audiences worldwide,
and to truly change the way education is done,
to give an opportunity for students worldwide
to have access to a MIT-caliber education.
MITx is going to be free for everybody.
Anybody can take the course for free.
Our platform is going to be open,
and we're going to make it available as open source,
and the content is also going to be open.
So it'll be a very open approach to doing education.
Anybody around the world can sign up
and do the course for free.
For the prototype course, the certificate is also free.
Over time, we'll have to figure out
a sustaining model for MITx, and there
will be a modest charge for certificates for the course.
Unlike a traditional university, where you have to apply
and there's an admissions process,
and your background matters, and it's hard to get in,
and few people have opportunities,
here the computing technologies--
the internet and cloud computing--
can really make education freely available
to everybody, whether it's a million people
or a billion people.
We've seen high school and young students
who want to reach beyond what their school or college might
There's a the 81-year-old who has taken the course.
There is a single parent with two children
who has taken the course.
So we've seen people from all walks of life
who are looking to enrich themselves and learn,
and use the chance to make this available in an affordable
manner to a much much, much broader community-- pretty much
anybody that is willing and able to do this kind of learning.
So I would encourage you to go try it.
I think it's a spectacular experience.
I think it's a unique experience.
I would encourage you to go online,
and you can browse around the existing courses.
It's a fun experience.
Some of the labs are like gaming experiments,
where with LEGO-like simplicity you
can build circuits and play around
with some of these things.
It's a lot of fun.
So I would go online and experience--
even if you don't have the background for this course,
go online and experiment with the material,
and see how it feels.
And as future courses come online,
have fun and get on board.