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Well, why have you done this, why did you think this was a good idea?
Like a face in the-
It does kind of look like one
I do feel like I've just wandered onto the set of a Stephen King film times like this
I wish we'd gone to Niigata petting zoo
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, wherever you might be watching from welcome to journey across Japan today
We begin leg two of our adventure across the country from Niigata City to Kyoto
560 kilometers, it's the longest trip of the entire journey the longest leg. So it's pretty pretty scary
But joining me on this trip is our first major guest only problem is we're supposed to meet him an hour ago
This is Niigata Daigaku-eki station, but he seems to have walked off
and the reason is we're an hour late me and my me and the team because
the bike rack on the back of the car took out took out the window and shattered it and
So we've got a new car the problems resolved
But I've got to try and track down where the guest is and that's where the miracle of mobile phones come in
Joey where the fuck are you?
The park? Right
Look who it is sitting on the swing. It's Joey the anime man
Sorry, we're late. Yeah, I mean we haven't even been on the bike and already my ass is sore from this tiny swing
I can barely fit in this thing he hasn't even been on the bike and he's already sore from sitting on a swing for an hour
I was waiting for your ass for an hour. What does that tell you about? How Joey's gonna do anyway, here's them
Here's your helmet. Oh cool. Best helmet. That's the best one
Yeah. Look at that
For those of you who don't know Joey's a big anime Youtuber and he's Twitter verified
Unlike me
So Joey yeah, every single day on this trip we're doing challenges sent in by viewers
But given that you're a guest I'm gonna give this challenge over to you today. I'm gonna let you decide. Okay, then. How about
Considering that Halloween is coming up. I actually know of two very cool spooky haunted places in
Niigata Prefecture
Which is where we're at. Which also just so happens to be the direction we're going see
That sounds great and all, spooky haunted places. Yeah, but we do have Niigata petting zoo right down the road, I think
Who the fuck wants to go to the petting zoo. I think the viewers would rather see the petting zoo
At Niigata petting zoo you can pet three types of goat. A whole three types of goat
I didn't even know there were three types of goat. There are now. Why do- no we don't, no. People don't want to petting zoos
Ooh, people want to see us shitting our pants scared of creepy places
Alright, alright, so that's the challenge of the day explore some abandoned spooky places. Let's go and not niigata petting zoo
This is Joey stretching, yep getting ready have you ever cycled far before? Uh, I've cycled
Before like long distances, but it's been a while. I'm obviously a bit out of shape
So definitely, I'm gonna try and get into a little bit of shape at least while uh while I'm riding with you
So see how it goes make it stretching their mega stretching you
You ready Joey? No but let's go. Good. I now announced trip to to Kyoto. It's open. Let's go
All abroad
Why is Google Maps taking us way. This isn't a road this isn't a road at all
Murder we've just stumbled across a park with some kind of exciting looking bouncy
Castles my favorite shit going up ways it it's like an outdoor bouncy castle without the walls
I've never heard of really why aren't we on it already?
How did I not know this was a thing
We're going to reenact a scene from a James Bond film. Joey's about to die it seems you've outlived your contracts
Suppose to be dead, I think this is gonna be the way I
The way I break my leg
You know what though that's what go pros are made for
This park is a personification of why Japan is good just there's like a building filled with go-karts
There's like 20 go-karts in there and anybody could just like the British person to me is thinking
Anybody could just come in take a go-kart cause there's nobody here we're in a park in the middle of nowhere, nobody here
This is incredible and now let's beat Joey in a go-kart race
Why won't mine move
Son of bitch
Son of a bitch no my biscuits my biscuits
We're here this is it the creepy abandoned tunnel. It's down there. Oh, can we go up that road there?
That looks far more happy. No. No. No, this was the challenge today. So this is maze tonneru or maze tunnel, right?
It's the old tunnel that they used to make so this is the old road right connected to this highway
Why did they block it off? Because there were too many road accidents happening
Oh my god, and so they built a the new highway to get out of the way of that
Is it genuinely scary? They say that you can hear a woman's voice in there? Oh
So let's go. Yeah
I'm not gonna lie Joey this doesn't look like a road
Are you sure there's a tunnel down there? I mean there should be
This is gonna be fun is it?
That's cool, but
He'll nah fucking out
So we're at the tunnel that the haunted tunnel that Joey really wants us to go in for a challenge
That was his doing. Go on man. What do you mean go on? You go first Joey. No It's your video
What! I'm filming you bitch. I'm not gonna lie this this looks creepy right off the bat. We're in a forest up a mountain
We've come down a dirt trail for about what 5-10 minutes. Yeah. We finally hit the tunnel
Keep an ear out for the voice of a woman
I I get the impression this this little torch which cost 700 yen isn't gonna really cut it. Yeah
Let's just see
Well, why have you done this, why did you think this was a good idea?
This used to be a tunnel for cars traffic, yes, it comes through here, right?
Yes, you can see how narrow it is. I can see how there be
Legitimate accidents in here. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie I do feel like I've just wandered onto the set of a Stephen King film
Oh, yeah, this is one of the most terrifying abandoned places I've ever visited. At times like this I wish we'd gone to Niigata petting-zoo
Don't look off to the side no, no, you never know what you're gonna see see if we can hear anything
Subscribe to the abroad in Japan Channel. Did you hear that? Whoa. What?
Got something, look like a face in the oh it does kind of look like one. Can you focus on that?
You see it? Yeah, I can see it
that is oh
It looks like a silhouette
Joey that face looks like you, I'm not even joking
Does that not look like you?
Is that not like a sign?
What's this thing hanging?
Oh shit. What the fuck is that
Wires and shit. Wires and shit
I must admit the thing that scares me the most is
spiders and snakes
Paranormal things are actually quite low on my list
What the fuck is that? What is this?
I have not a clue, mate
What's scarier is when you, take the torch away you see nothing? Yeah the torch
The torch has a very small effect
And when you take that away. I'm just picturing like something
Walking past the end just like oh my god. Don't say that
Don't you leave me here, don't you leave me here Joey
Yo, bro, I think I think I think we're good
This is your challenge. No, we- You decide when I've completed this challenge. No, you've completed it. You've completed it. Yeah
Yeah, I think we should get the fuck out
Oh it's not that scary and then he ran out the tunnel. No. You literally ran out the tunnel
I ran out the tunnel to scare you. Yeah, and you were like don't fucking leave me you son of a bitch
That was creepy though, I must say I was creepy and cool
Yes, very cool indeed
very very
Cool. You know what? I think I think- Did I complete this challenge? Yeah, I think you did complete this challenge. Yes! I finally done
Challenge and succeeded! I think It's the first day I've actually succeeded a challenge! Really?
Yeah, the hell you've been doing this past five days, and it was by far the scariest challenge of all yeah
Let's never speak of this tunnel again. Let's never come back
Time for biscuits, yeah definitely
30-something kilometers shit. My ass is so sore. Well done Joey you completed your first day
Considered today a warm-up for tomorrow. I thought today was rough that a good it's been a it's been a nice day
We went on the bouncy castle
Bouncy thing. I don't know the name of it. It was a castle incredible fun
Yeah, and we went to the terrifying tunnel of horror. This guy's running so fast
He's running faster than we were going on the bikes. How many how many calories did you burn today Joey?
How many calories? Let me check with my handy dandy smart watch
According to my watch say we burn
1686 calories
Now, let's make up for it by having some biscuits. This is your reward. Sweet, for completing the first day. Alfort?
Mini chocolates
It's been quite fun having somebody joining me on the trip the last between you and Natsuki. I've got a little bit lonely
Cycling along down the coast on my own. It's nice to have someone here, especially to brave that
Unpleasant tunnel. It also went to a cave today a pretty scary unpleasant cave
Oh, yeah that was unpleasant. We didn't have time to put in this video
Joey's gonna have it on his channel. Look behind you. Look how ominous. Look how terrifying that looks with the
statue over your shoulder
I'm actually- Look at that. I am actually not cool with this at all
But for now guys, that is it
We'll be back tomorrow morning to do it all over again to cycle a lot further this time
I think right and we'll be doing a challenge
Sent in by you guys as well wherever you might be watching from out there in the big wide world
Thanks for watching guys, and hopefully we'll see you tomorrow
Bye Bye
Joey when I asked you to come on this cycle
Did you ever imagine you'd be having a Sapporo beer on a beach next to the world's biggest nuclear power plant whilst a Nintendo
64 controller was behind you and it was a big wifu pillow stuck to your bicycle. Yes