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[Chris] We've been in here about four or five minutes we still haven't found the bathroom. [Ryotaro] True.
[Chris] Oh for heaven sakes if I break my legs
doing this, I'm going to kick you to death with whatever is left of them.
So today we're off to visit the hotel that the Emperor himself stays at when he
comes to visit Sendai. We're being taken off on another adventure by Ryotaro
although this time he's being worryingly more secretive than usual.
[Ryotaro] Hi there. Today you're going to visit the kind of room that Emperor stays whenever he
comes to Sendai. Then after that we are going to try some outdoor activities.
I know you're being really busy right, so I want to destress yourself
and yeah and it's the experience of this week exciting outdoor
activities right. And if you want to escape from Sendai, this is the place to be.
Yeah all of a sudden it feels like we've just left Japan and driven up into
Beverly Hills or something all the houses are huge and the roads are wide.
Apparently this whole town has been built by Mitsubishi since the 1970s to
be the kind of ideal place to live and well certainly beats my apartment, that's for sure.
[Chris] Have you seen how big my apartment is? [Ryotaro] I haven't.
[Chris] To see this, is just like, not fair. [Ryotaro] How many rooms have you got? [Chris] Not enough.
[Ryotaro] How many chairs have you got?
[Chris] What kind of a shit question is that?
How many chairs- that is the measurement of success isn't it? "How many chairs you have in your house"
[Chris] Now "How many rooms". It's all about the chairs. [Ryotaro] It's all about the chairs.
[Chris] I bet they've got a lot of chairs. Too many chairs.
[Ryotaro] So Chris this room that we are approaching here is called the Royal Suite.
[Chris] Wow, two doors. One door isn't enough. [Ryotaro] And it's got two doors.
[Ryotaro] This is most expensive room supposedly. And this is the kind of room that the Emperor would stay.
I guess... They didn't really tell me where he would stay. It's kind of a security secret anyways. Yeah.
[Chris] Yeah. This is the kind of room- [Ryotaro] This is the kinda room he would stay.
[Ryotaro] Ta-da-di-da-laaa~
[Ryotaro] Ho-ly! [Chris] Oh my god.
[Ryotaro] God! What is this! [Chris] So, so this is the
the barrier the entry to like a palace.
[Ryotaro] Alright, it's the, it's the - chandelier! [Chris] That's ludicrous.
[Chris] This conference room is about the size of my entire apartment. That's depressing.
[Chris] Earlier in the car you ask me how many chairs I had, as a measurement of wealth.
[Chris] Look at how many chairs this goddamn room has! [Ryotaro] So many!
[Chris] 8 chairs there. 2 chairs there. [Ryotaro] 8 chairs! That's already...
[Ryotaro] That is already wealthy.
[Chris] We come to this beautiful royal suite and all you care about is counting the chairs!
Bloody hell.
[Ryotaro] What now? Ohhh-ho-ho-ho! [Chris] Oh wow.
[Chris] That is... that is... That is quite the bed. [Ryotaro] A huge bed!
[Chris] There is king-sized, then there is "royal-sized".
[Ryotaro] This is like bigger than a king-size, like twice the king-size, a royal-size.
Even if I sleep on this bed I will just sleep on this part.
[Chris] The first 1/10th. [Ryotaro] The first 1/10th exactly.
[Chris] Been in here about four or five minutes we still haven't found the bathroom. [Ryotaro] True.
[Chris] Uhh, it could be down there behind the conference room or it's either behind this door.
[Ryotaro] This is a door? Ah it's a door. [Chris] This is a door, or a wardrobe.
[Chris] Let's have a look. It's like a nuclear bunker blast door. [Ryotaro] Oh my...
[Ryotaro] Look at, look at... again, look at the width of the...
[Ryotaro] That-that-that's again, a measurement of the wealth [Chris] Yeah.
[Chris] That is one hell of a door. Enough about doors, let's do down...
another corridor. The secret bathroom.
Now this, is the kind of bathroom I want.
[Chris] We've got a shower... [Ryotaro] And... what is that to the right?
[Chris] This is... this is a sauna! Wow!
[Chris] A sauna, a shower, a jump in jacuzzi bath
for the mountain view out that window.
[Chris] Best of all though, automatic window shades!
This is the future.
I think we're in, we're in this the most glamorous bathroom at North Japan
[Chris] And all I care about is the automatic window shades. [Ryotaro] And number of chairs.
[Chris] And the number of chairs. [Ryotaro] And the width of the door.
[Chris] And the width of the door...
[Chris] It's the most glamorous hotel room I've ever been to
and at least five times the size of the largest hotel room that I've stayed in as well.
Compared to the traditional Japanese business hotel.
[Ryotaro] And 15 times bigger than your room right? [Chris] 15 times bigger than my house.
[Chris] Which is a small apartment.
[Ryotaro] You need to be more popular on YouTube, eh.
[Chris: Yeah, I need to be more popular on the YouTube. That'll get me my ridiculously large hotel room.
Just to give you an idea of how big this hotel room is
I'm down one end where the bedroom is
and Ryotaro all the way over there in the distance
you can kind of make out Ryotaro at the conference room table. Say "Hello."
[Ryotaro] Hello World!
[Chris] I think you'd burn about a thousand calories a day just by staying at this hotel room
and walking around it and I don't know what he's doing...
What is, what is going on...
I don't... I don't understand just let him, let him get on with that.
[Chris] Well... In his last chair. [Ryotaro] Well well.
[Ryotaro] So um, so did you enjoy some time? In this room that you can't ever possibly afford?
[Chris] I feel both impressed and depressed, both simultaneously.
[Ryotaro] Same here, same here.
[Ryotaro] So now it's time for outdoor business!
[Chris] Outdoor business.
[Chris] What does that even mean?
[Ryotaro] Outdoor business. That's it.
So pretty much in the middle of nowhere. We've just come across this kind of
market stand, loaded with vegetables from the garden just behind us.
[Ryotaro] But there's no one. [Chris] And there's no one here.
[Chris] But their all the food and all the produce is labeled with prices.
You can basically just turn up here grab your, what, whatever you got
[Chris] What is that a persimmon? [Ryotaro] No it's not persimmon, It's a...
[Chris] Persimmon... I really am shit at vegetables. [Ryotaro] Persimmon, how could this be a...
[Ryotaro] Zucchini. [Chris] Zucchini.
[Ryotaro] You know this right, zucchini? 100 yen, a dollar. [Chris] Yeah. Right.
[Chris] What is this? Ow.
[Ryotaro] It's goya. [Chris] Goya. It's a vegetable.
[Chris] But you can, you turn up here. You grab your, oh my god.
You grab your zucchini for 100 yen. Put the money in the box here.
And away you go. And it's pretty quite... humbling.
To see this you know. If this was in the UK, a bunch of teenagers would
rock up on their bicycles and it'd be gone in about 45 seconds.
[Chris] It takes a degree of trust to be able to do this. [Ryotaro] Even less.
[Chris] Yeah, this sums up the kind of trust you find in Japanese culture.
Trust that I wish we had in a lot of other countries.
So we've just been cycling through the fields and this is breakfast. Rice balls
from the very field that the rice came from from the nice farmers from the local area.
It's been an uncharacteristically good morning. When you spend the day with Ryotaro
you're guaranteed one thing. Well two things actually: disappointment and
near-death experiences and so far, it's actually been alright. Cheeky cycle through a field.
[Ryotaro] It's only 10 o'clock and I haven't tried enough yet.
And this breakfast is just the beginning of like the end.
[Ryotaro] But anyway, I've got something I want to show you. Great scenery is waiting for you.
[Ryotaro] Up in the mountains for us [Chris] The beginning of the end.
[Chris] That's not what you want to hear when you're eating breakfast in a rice field.
Bloody hell
[Chris] You real... you really do want to kill me, don't ya? [Ryotaro] *evil laughter*
[Ryotaro] No, I never said that 😇 Did I?
[Chris] It's not even 11, 11:00 a.m. in the morning and he's dragged me up a mountain.
[Chris] You told me it was a nice view. Yeah it is a nice view, but I didn't know I'd actually be doing something.
[Chris] I've never done this before, he's got a, what is it? A paraglider? [Ryotaro] It's paragliding.
[Chris] Oh for god's sake. It's not even 11:00 a.m. I haven't had my second coffee and you want me to
[Chris] fly. Is it, is it safe? [Ryotaro] Not sure about that because I mean there is, they can like only hold up to a certain weight.
[Ryotaro] And how much do you weigh? [Chris] 80 kilograms...
[Ryotaro] And I think this is made for Japanese people and you're from the UK.
You're gonna be the first UK, person from the UK trying this and you said how much
[Ryotaro] you weigh again? [Chris] 80 kilograms.
[Ryotaro] And I'm not sure about that... [Chris] Maybe repeat my weight...
[Chris] What a... what a dickhead.
You can see the paraglider and then you just got the edge of the mountain
and then nothingness for like a thousand meters or whatever is so yeah it's a
little bit scary 11 a.m., 11 a.m. this is at least a 2, a 2:00pm job.
I'm not ready for this.
[Chris] Union Jack helmet, right. [Ryotaro] Once you're in the air, and you're just gonna relax and sit back and...
and kill yourself.
[Chris] Reassuring words. This is it then. 10 past 11.
Wish me luck
Oh my god.
[Ryotaro] *insane laughter*
[Chris] I'm also trying not to look down too much right now.
[Chris] Ohh....
I, we took off before I even knew what was going on.
All of a sudden we were up
and yeah so sudden and you're supposed to jump in and sit down but for some
reason I couldn't get in properly so I felt like I was dangling out the front
the whole time but yeah it's very fun very fun. Job well done. Job well done I
[Chris] did it and I survived ha ha ha High five. Next challenge? [Ryotaro] Well done, next challenge.
[Chris] Next challenge...?
Oh for heaven's sake. He really does want to kill me. He really does want to kill me.
Ski jump? It's not even 12 o'clock I still haven't my second coffee.
If I break my legs doing this I'm going to kick you to death with whatever's left of them.
Make no mistake.
[Chris] Oh my god. I'm basically wearing a sauna.
It's a wetsuit but on a day when it's like 35 degrees,
it's not a good thing to do I'm so sweaty and feel like utter
just utter shit. But at least I get to watch Ryotaro go first.
[Chris] Go! Go! Here we go.
[Ryotaro] Yes!
[Ryotaro] Oooo!
*genuine laughter*
[Chris] I love that noise he made.
[Ryotaro] Oooo! [Chris] *laughs*
[Ryotaro] My, my chest hurts.
[Ryotaro] I lost... I lost my ski. And this is all cut. [Chris] You lost your ski.
[Ryotaro] Look at that. [Chris] It's over there in the bottom of the, in the bottom of the water.
[Chris] Good luck with that. Alright it's my turn.
[Ryotaro] All right, your turn. Let's see what the man with 80 kilograms can do.
[Chris] Shiiiiiiit!
[Chris] First ever ski jump
Into some water.
I officially have no energy. This is shaping up to be a rather bizarre day.
Unlike Ryotaro though, I've got both my skiis.
[Ryotaro] Yes but... [Chris] So I'm the winner!
Definitely. I'm the winner.
Unbelievable. It's, it's I don't know where my watch is.
It's two o'clock, about two o'clock now.
Still haven't had my second coffee I'm about to do a zipline again for the
first the first time. And I think that's it. Is that it?
Shii-t. It's quite high actually. Uh OK?
[Attendant] Ok, three, two, one. Go! [Chris] Ehhh, I dunno about that...
[Ryotaro] Shut up and die now! [Chris] Oh Shiit!!
[Ryotaro] Um... So I think he did all good for today and I think uh
I think another session of assassinating him. I should go all right. three two one.
[Ryotaro] Whooo!
[Chris] That is a nice chandelier
for a tent.
We're doing something called "glamping" which is
called glamorous camping. I don't know who thought up that name.
Ryotaro is cooking us a barbecue it's on fire look at this, shit.
[Chris] What are you doing?
[Chris] I left, I left him in charge of the barbecue and he set fire to... the food.
[Chris] Well if none of the things we've done today will kill me, then Ryotaro cooking certainly might.
[Chris] Salmonella chicken and onions.
[Ryotaro] Um, can you hold this for a moment? [Chris] Yeah.
[Ryotaro] I've got some treat for you. [Chris] You've got a treat for me?
[Ryotaro] Yeah. Can I show it to you? [Chris] Alright.
[Chris] You can shh, yeah, alright. [Ryotaro] Alright.
[Ryotaro] Ta-dahhhhh
[Chris] Oh my god.
[Ryotaro] German sausages. 100% German. [Chris] Yeah I've got nothing against German sausages.
[Chris] I like German sausages... [Ryotaro] But you do, you do have something. You just think what?
[Chris] I just think British sausages are better. I think the pork is better quality. [Ryotaro] Lies.
[Chris] But that's great. I'm all... [Ryotaro] Yeah b-b-b-but. Have you even been to Germany anyways?
[Chris] No I haven't. But I have had, I've had German sausages before. [Ryotaro] I bloody lived there for
[Ryotaro] fucking what, 2 and a half years and now, cook it please. [Chris] Alright. Cook it?
[Ryotaro] For your sake. For your learning. You need to cook German sausage and taste it.
And just say that German sausages are better. Alright?
[Chris] This situation just got very strange very fast. Ok sure, I'll cook your German sausages for gods' sake.
[Chris] Alright, that is, that is the biggest sausage in the world.
What's going on there?
[Ryotaro] So look at that, Chris and the sausages. [Chris] Chris and the sausages.
[Ryotaro] Sounds like the title of a movie. [Chris] The title of the video.
[Ryotaro] "Chris and the sausages." [Chris] Dunno how that will go down.
[Chris] There's quite honestly enough sausages here to feed the entire town.
Well you may have tried to kill me thrice today but this
[Chris] is my reward right? [Ryotaro] Yeah. I got like porkchop and also the beef steak.
[Ryotaro] And look at your side, mate. [Chris] What did you just say!?
[Ryotaro] You got like one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, and nine
point five one really big sausages. They are all German, and this is what you came for, right?
[Chris] It is yeah. [Ryotaro] This is your reward.
[Chris] I've survived flying through the sky, ski-jumping into water, and being pushed down a zipline by a Japanese guy.
[Ryotaro] A nice Japanese guy. [Chris] I now belong to an exclusive club of people
[Chris] Who have done all three of those things. On the same day. [Ryotaro] You're welcome.
[Chris] Otherwise, a good day.
Interestingly, despite all of those things, none of them woke me up like a second coffee.
Like flying, jumping into water, ziplining, all good fun.
Didn't wake me up like a second coffee though.
Like a late morning, second coffee.
[Chris] Yeah, this glamping thing. [Ryotaro] It's amazing isn't it?
[Chris] When I heard about it, I thought "glamourous camping"
Can that be good? Can camping ever be good?
No. But throw in a barbecue and it's a whole new ball game.
[Ryotaro] And who would think to install a chandelier in a tent?
[Chris] The person who thought up "glamorous camping."
[Ryotaro] You're right.
[Chris] It's basically just eating in a tent. But the chandelier, thats what makes the difference.
That's what makes it glamorous camping. That is what makes it "glamping."
[Ryotaro] You sound like the actual person who invented it and you didn't. [Chris] I sound like I've had some sort of
[Chris] philosophical break through. Yeah. [Ryotaro] You're trying to sound smart, but you're not.
[Chris] Yeah.
[Chris] ... yeah.
[Chris] Despite my somewhat anxious face paragliding was actually a lot of fun if you're
interested in following in our footsteps whether that's cycling, water jumping,
ziplining, or just glamping up over dinner, you can find the details of where
we went and how you can get there in the description box below and don't worry
the Royal Park Hotel does actually have normal hotel rooms that aren't insanely
huge it cost three thousand dollars a night.
But for now guys, as always, many thanks for watching we'll see you next time.
[Chris] You... you nearly smashed your head on that! [Ryotaro] *laughing*