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Good evening female human.
Good evening male human.
Do you visit this bar regularly?
No I'm from out of town.
Okay, I find you to be rather sexually appealing.
Would you consider coming home with me to copulate?
That is a kind offer, but unfortunately, I'm currently mating with another male human on a regular basis
Ah... This is no problem but I'm afraid I must leave you now
as I would like to find a potential sexual partner for this evening.
No problem at all. Good luck with your genitals.
Yes, and with yours, good night.
Good evening female human.
Good evening male human.
You strike me as rather aesthetically pleasing. And I like your clothes also.
Thank you. You are aesthetically pleasing to me too.
Excellent. Are you currently engaging in coitus with any other man at this present time.
No I am not.
Exemplary. I enjoy the outdoors, rock music, and I'm not a murderer.
Ah... I enjoy arts and classical music, and I'm also not a murderer
Superb. Evidently we have much in common.
Would you like to vacate the premises and engage in sexual contact in one of our respective dwellings.
Yes, that will be quite acceptable.
Good. Thank God we didn't have to spend hours of small talk pretending we weren't going to screw,
only to end up inevitably screwing several hours from now, which we both intended to happen anyway.
Yes, thank god. What a stupid world it would be where people had to do that to get laid
Yes it would be.
[monotonous laughter]
Anyway let's bone.