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On Wednesday, May 16th, MIT elected L. Rafael Reif,
as its 17th President, succeeding Susan Hockfield.
Reif has been the institute's provost since 2005,
and a faculty member at MIT since 1980.
Reif, who was born in Venezuela, is a member
of the first generation in his family
to attend college, earning his undergraduate degree
in electrical engineering from Venezuela's Universidad
de Carabobo in 1973.
He attended graduate school at Stanford University,
ultimately earning his master's and PhD there,
in electrical engineering.
He was elected President by the MIT Corporation,
the institute's board of trustees,
during a meeting on Wednesday morning.
He will take office effective Monday, July 2nd.
After this morning's corporation vote,
Reif spent the day talking with community members and friends
of the Institute, beginning with a press conference at 10:30.
At 2:00 PM, a special community meeting and reception
was held in room 10250, where MIT'S students, faculty,
and staff got to meet the 17th President for the first time.
In leading MIT, I will be guided by MIT's values and principles.
The values, our most cherished, include our commitment
to meritocracy and integrity, our commitment to excellence,
our commitment to always take the high road
and do what is right, and to make a positive, constructive
contribution to society.
--our commitment to care for the MIT community
to respect all members of our community
and to recognize everyone's contribution to the mission
and well-being of MIT.
In the early evening, MIT held a student-only event
for MIT's undergraduate and graduate students.
For complete coverage of the day's events,
please visit MIT News.