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(gentle music)
I'm part of the Fluid Interfaces group,
which work on human augmentation
and think about a way that computer
can fluidly integrate with the human body,
and that's sort of like the theme of our research group.
And my work particularly look at wearable technology,
right, technology to put on the human body
that can augment our kind of capability
and enhance our ability to do different things.
Right now, the lab turn off the light during the night,
so it's kind of make me really sad
because all the time I usually see the building lit up
and I see research activity, people walking around
and it's kind of interesting when you see that, you know
completely empty and silent and dark.
(gentle music)
One thing that advisor, Patty, advised me is
to walk around once, you know, a couple of hours
to get some inspiration and just to do something,
not just like being on the soon call
or on the email all the time.
(gentle music)
After I walk around this MIT campus,
I start to look for unusual spot,
like spot(s) that I never take picture of before.
And I start to juxtaposing
and that's my new fun thing to do,
look for places on campus, that's sort of like hidden.
(gentle music)
I never know that - was this straight before?
Or is it always kind of like this?
You know this little detail that you notice
when you don't see people around, it's kind of interesting.
(gentle music)
This is like a sanctuary.
(gentle music)
We are at the Great Dome of MIT, right,
so like the iconic building.
If you look up, you'll see the name
of the great scientists, and philosophy, and inventor
and people that have contribute to society.
And we have that name in the stone.
And I think that's one of the reason
I think this is like a sanctuary.
Not because it's quiet and peaceful,
but it's also symbolized preservation of human knowledge
and the great thing that human had done
to society and the world.
I tried to relax and take time off and stuff,
but with everything that's going on,
things change so much every day.
I don't think we can really relax.
One day, you know, policy is to like kick
international student(s) out,
another is like, "Oh, we have the second outbreak."
Or, there's so many things that's going on.
So I don't even know how to relax
and just put all of minds at ease
because things are just changing and so dynamic.
Or what is it really unique
about being a student in this period,
there's so much responsibility that you feel like you have.
Like, you are supposed to be learning new things
and you need to think about what the future gonna look like.
If this is gonna be my new normal,
am I gonna leave like this?
Like is post-apocalyptic supposed to be a thing now?
And because when you are uncertain about the future,
it makes the future a little bit grim and a little bit sad.
And you're gonna live in this world
for a long long time.
So now you start to see what that might look like.
You know at MIT there is a saying
that we need to rise to the challenge.
And right now the challenge is actually
in front of us right now.
I think it's really interesting to think about
what is our role, why we are still learning,
try to make sense of this world.
What is actually our contribution to this?
(gentle music)