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But this is something you can reason about.
Whereas P does not equal NP, we don't yet
know how to reason about it.
People have been working on it for 35 years--
it still seems difficult. So that is complexity.
Any questions about this?
So we're still deciding exactly-- when you take 6.046,
which I hope you all will--
[CELLPHONE RINGING] --next semester.
Oh, sorry.
Jeez, it's embarrassing to get a phone
call in the middle of class.
Oh, it's-- oh, it's my collaborators who have been
working on this P versus NP problem [INAUDIBLE]..
P equals NP?
Holy shit.
You see, what this means--
I mean, all these problems we thought were hard
are suddenly easy.
Cryptography that you use on the internet and the web,
oh, my god.
You guys are the first to learn about this.
I'll call you back.
This is, uh, when...
Professor Demaine has been unstable recently
and he has been saying a lot of nonsense.
He's very sick.
He needs to recover.
He will not join you for next lecture.
Please join us to wish him a prompt and full recovery.