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If two pieces of metal touch in space, they will melt together and become one.
It's something called 'cold welding' or 'contact welding'. This doesn't happen on Earth because the atmosphere
puts a layer of oxidized material between the
surfaces which makes the welding process impossible. This might seem like it would be a big problem for
satellites, space stations and alike, but because the metals come from Earth, they're already coated with the material.
In fact the only evidence this process actually takes place have come from controlled experiments deliberately designed to provoke it
Most of us think we know the planets of our solar system. We have Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.
We also have Pluto, but sadly as of 2006 it's no longer classified as a planet.
Instead, it's now a member of the new Dwarf Planet category
But, what if I told you that pluto is not the only dwarf planet; for example Ceres
Eris, Makemake, Haumea, Sedna
Orcus, Quaoar, Ixion, Varuna, Chaos and many more which has not been given any official names yet
Ceres is especially interesting as it's orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter
When you mention black holes the first thing people often imagine is something like this: an almost two-dimensional disc shaped
object that pulls everything in on one side with nothing appearing on the other. This is, of course, all thanks to the
interpretations of black holes by popular Sci-Fi movies and TV shows. In reality a black hole is not much unlike a star or planet
In the sense that it's actually a sphere with an immense gravitational field that pulls everything in from all directions
The Sun. Yeah you know that thing that's keeping you alive
and shit is actually not yellow it only appears yellow because of the Earth's atmosphere.
In reality the sun outputs all colors in the visible spectrum at almost an equal
Intensity which means the true color of the sun is actually white
The tag line 'In space no one can hear you scream'
From the movie Alien from 1979 is entirely true as sound waves cannot travel in a vacuum.
Sound waves, unlike radio waves, for example, needs particles to travel through.
But if you ever find yourself in space with a space suit with a friend in another space suit and you realize that your radios
Isn't working I mean we're all going to end up in that situation at some point
There's another way to communicate by
bumping our helmets against one another. When the helmets touch they act as a bridge for the sound waves to travel through and so you'd
Be able to talk naturally without using any radios or anything else and by naturally I mean screaming like you've gone insane
Stars can be freaking weird; for example
There's a star out there with a memorable name of WISE 1828+2650
But it's not the name which is interesting rather how cold it is. It was called a brown dwarf star
and it's the coldest star ever found with a temperature range of minus 23 to 127 degrees Celsius.
A star that can be colder than you are. Another weird star is BPM 37093
Gotta love these names
But the star's core is made of diamond 10 billion trillion trillion carats of diamond to be precise
Neutron stars is even weirder. Neutron Stars are so dense that a single teaspoon of its material would weigh over 100 million tons
Alien life is bound exist somewhere in the universe, but so far
There's no evidence of that at least not at the public know of anyway. However what we do know is that there are planets out there that has the
possibility to sustain life so called Habitable Exoplanets.
So far we've found around 50 such planets with some being as close as only
20 light years away, but as of yet
We have no way of confirming if these planets actually do support life only that they have the unique attributes
to possibly do so
In April 2010 radio astronomers reported an unknown object in the Galaxy
M82 the object had seemingly out of nowhere
started sending out strange radio waves
Which did not look like anything seen anywhere in the universe before
There have been several theories about the nature of this unknown objects
But currently no theory entirely fits the observed data
Did you know that our own galaxy, The Milky Way, is right now colliding with another much smaller galaxy? Well it is; galaxy is known as Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy
And is currently about 70,000 light-Years away from Earth
But nowhere is it very unlikely that a star or a planet will crash into one another as they're
separated by many light-years of empty space the same thing will happen in a few billion years from now when the Andromeda Galaxy
will collide with our own and will create a much larger Milkdromeda Galaxy
UY Scuti is so far the largest star found if it was placed in the center of our Solar
System it would engulf every planet all the way out to Jupiter.
IC 1101 is one of the largest known gallaxies in the universe it holds around
100 Trillion stars. To put that in perspective our own galaxy the Milky Way
only contains a measly 400 billion stars
But the absolute largest and most massive object in the observable universe was discovered in November of 2013
It's called the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall
The structure is a so-called Galactic Filament
Or in other words a huge group of galaxies assembled by gravity. The structure is so huge that
Scientists can't even explain its existence
It's 10 Billion light years away which means that we see the structure as it was 10 billion years ago, and the universe is only about
13.7 billion years old. That means the structure had a little more than 3 billion years to form,
Which scientists say is just not possible. For comparison our own solar system took around
4.6 billion years to form. The structure is basically too large to exist.