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When you look, "Oh sweet, Chocolate?"
What an incredible review
Since the beginning of time
which was about 2 years ago
Literally everyone has been asking me what do Japanese People think about Marmite
For those of you unfamiliar with Marmite
it's a popular British food, well-known to polarize opinions
People either tend to love it or hate it
due to its very distinctive acquired taste
And that's because it's made from Yeast Extract
a by-product of brewing beer
Which sounds promising because it has the word "beer" in it
until you look at what it actually looks like
Some sort of Brown PVA Glue
And it smells like.....the definition of awful
But! when spread on things like toast or put in sandwiches
in small amounts it is quite bearable
Bearable to the point of being pleasant
And because it is quite salty and in many ways a bit like soy sauce
I thought it might be quite popular in Japan
So after I was able to get hold of some, curiosity got the better of me and I finally went out
to see what some Japanese friends made of it
Not only boosting relations between UK and Japan in the process
but also inventing a whole new dish altogether
and one that was of questionable quality
And when i look back at the whole thing it seems like it seems to go through 5 stages
Stage One: Confusion
Have you ever heard of Marmite before?
I've never!
Really? it's a very famous British food
It's like Chocolate
Have you ever heard of Marmite?
No, first time
First time?
First time!
First time?
First time!
Like a drug smell
Like Drugs?
What's that?
Oooh, good!!
Look at it, oh sweet, chocolate!
But, smell...
So yeah, have a try!
Yes....because first time
Stage Two: Unanimous Abject Horror
Not good, not good
You're making it look like torture
I don't...
Very salty
Like Chocolate?
NOT like Chocolate!!
I don't need it
Stage Three: Unanimous Dislike
Your face is broken?
Toast + Marmite equals....YUM!
Yum.....not Yum!
So, on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 very bad, 10 very good), what number?
Only one?
1 is very bad, 10 is very good, what number?
Do can be in the new Marmite Commercial
Ah yeah!
Maybe you can lie!
Oh Marmite!!
Good Taste!!!
First time, it had a very bad taste
Oh yeah, again and again
then again, again, again, don't stop
And I dream "Oh Marmite!!"
Oh Marmite!!
You'll go mental for it
You'll go mental for it. Quite bloody literally.
Stage Four: Sharing the Delicious Taste of Marmite
Yeah! Very famous food in England
Famous food?
Yeah this very popular English food
If you eat this Marmite off a spoon
it's a symbol of friendship between Japan and the UK
Ah yeah, Vitamin B
Healthy food!
More than that!
Yeah this is friendship, Japanese/British relations!
For England!!!
See, you like it!
Good Japanese Britsh relations
This is a very important day
Stage Five: Mild Insanity and Revenge
To the Mario theme-tune
Just Japanese-style, tastes so good
This could be a clever trick
Good taste!!
Lemon! Lemon!!
Oh for fuck's sake
You bastard!
Soy sauce and Wasabi and mix
Thanks to everyone who took part
Let's open!
Nice smell!
Marmite Smell!!