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(ethereal music)
- [Voiceover] Mosha lost her leg
when she was two years old,
from landmine.
I thought that I should do something for her.
- [Voiceover] Dr. Therdchai Jivacate
is working with the world's first elephant hospital
located in Thailand.
Since it opened, more than 4,000 injured and sick elephants
have been treated.
- I am the first one who invented the artificial leg
for the elephant.
- [Voiceover] Using his knowledge as an orthopedic surgeon,
Dr. Therdchai designed Mosha's artificial limb
when she was just a baby,
accounting for the elephant's weight and size.
As she has grown, pressure on the prosthetic has increased,
causing it to break,
so a new one is created every few years.
- This is a challenge for me too.
Every time we fix it, we improve it.
It's more sturdy, stronger.
This not in the textbook.
Sometimes, try and error.
When she obey us, we give her candy,
and she know where the candy is.
She use her trunk to go into the pocket.
She know.
I did operation on her foot
15 years ago,
but she remember me.
She like to come closer to me.
She show desire of salute or happy.
I think this means so much for her.
She can lead a normal life
as she should be.
(slow music)