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Are you ready? Go!
Whole areas of Periodic Table wouldn't wouldn't be there now and it wouldn't be the periodic table that we know today. Okay
So what we're doing today is Neil has made of some gun cotton.
And I'm looking at the periodic table.
Looks like an ordinary periodic table you can take out the elements.
We got here
Chemistry, you can imagine the periodic table a bit like a family photograph.
There'd be some people, you know, very well and others where you haven't quit and remembered what their name is,
but you remember one or two facts about them.
Lecture theaters
Classrooms all over the world have periodic tables hanging in them. You can buy vodka with Mendeleev's name on it.
Actually produce and show you elemental fluorine.
I've never seen so much gold. In fact, I've never seen so much of any element.
Inserted the cube into the periodic table of the elements. To the chemist I'd like to give him my tie.
I'm in India. I'm on the train going up the Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro.
It's nice sunny weather. Here in Stockholm
Wow, I'm on Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia.
So when Darmstadt in Germany where they made six different super-heavy elements and
I'm just going to tell you how they did it. With trying to make literal Amharic translation. So the ethiopian translation
This is
Mendeleev's business card. And you can see it's a fan I had been told that
they need to take one of my hairs.
So each element, or each symbol is four microns across.
Everything is revealed.
Three two one
And I'm in the office of Yuri Oganessian after whom element 118 was named.
A barking dog sound, a wooof sound.
So once again, but managed to decimate
After this whenever he was lecturing with the reaction
He would hold up his hand and say I had a hand in that reaction.
So a chap called Kip actually invented this back in the
And here I also found my very first periodic table.