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Stephanie Espy: You know, we haven't seen the end of COVID yet, and I think that we
won't ever go back to how things used to be.
I don't think any industry will entirely go back to how things used to be.
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Espy: When I was a young girl, around seven or eight years old, I used to watch my mother
help students with math and science on the weekends.
Kids would come to our house, and she would sit down at the kitchen table
and help them with various different subjects.
It really spearheaded my decision to pursue a career in the space where I can help students
every day become more fluent in math and science subjects.
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Espy: We want to help students become more STEM-fluent, which is the ability to think
critically and logically, to innovate, and to problem-solve.
And ultimately our goal is to help inspire them towards a career in STEM, as well as
help them understand how it connects to the world around us.
Being able to serve schools and families and students in my local area was the goal for me.
I’m born and raised in Decatur, Georgia.
Currently live outside of Decatur in Atlanta
and there’s so much opportunity right here
within 30-, 40-mile radius to impact the community.
With COVID and the pandemic, one of the things that's changed for me is the way I interact
with the families of the students that I serve.
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Espy: Going virtual, having lots more contacts with people outside of Atlanta,
I think we're able to reach more students, more families, more educators
across the entire country, even across the globe
in a way that we otherwise before COVID really weren't focused on doing.
So I think the question for me and for my MathSP team is what does the future look like?
What I do know is that it will be a hybrid.
Connecting with families not only that are local to us, but finding ways to offer our
services to families that are outside of the Atlanta area in a way that still resonates
what we do well, what we do best in a very genuine, authentic way.
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