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When I agreed to meet you, Roy, I've pictured going to a museum or a garden,
or you know, looking at something, like flowers...
Not eating a mountain of fried chicken!
(This video's captions and Chris being flabbergasted by Aya's bowl is brought to you by Gashacon, the caption man)
Good morning guys, and welcome to sunny Niigata City...
Um, yeah... Uh...
After having just finished the first 150 kilometers of my 2,000-kilometer cycle across Japan,
today is actually my day off.
It's a relaxing day, and I'm gonna be catching up with my good friend, Roy,
who I'm waiting for to... come and pick me up.
Do you know when you a friend, but you only see them every year, or every two years,
but when you catch up with them, it feels like you only saw them yesterday?
Well that is—That's Roy,
and today, he's gonna take us on a tour—a whirlwind tour of Niigata City.
I don't know what we're doing, but he said "Don't eat lunch!"
so presumably it's something to do with food.
So naturally, I'm quite excited.
Speak of the devil...
- Roy! -
Good to see you, my friend!
Sorry for [being] a bit late.
- Eh, it's fine. You're early, actually. -
And away we go...
So how have you been, Roy?
Last time I saw you was a year ago.
- I guess so, yeah. - Yeah.
[It] goes so fast.
Exactly. Time fries, clearly.
- Time flies. - Time "flies."
So how was you cycling, by the way? For—
It wasn't—It was... It was pretty painful.
I can't really feel my legs today.
Like, I can't—I can barely walk, uh, so thank God you're driving.
So what have you—what have you got lined up?
We are going to see some...
- Very super plateful dishes out here... - "Super plateful dishes?"
- Yes, does it make sense? - Elegant.
Yeah, it kinda makes sense.
Depends on our definition of "plateful."
This restaurant is serving up an absolutely ridiculous portion of food—
various fried food, noodles, egg...
for this... young lady, who is apparently an eating champion in Niigata.
I don't know how all that food can fit inside one person.
Uh, especially one who's as small as she is, so...
This is gonna be interesting.
Roy, what the f—
What is that?
That is ridiculous... A mountain of karaage fried chicken?
Nah, it's...
Niigata people usually eat a lot.
- Yeah? -Yeah, like this.
- Yeah? Really? - It's normal. Normal, normal.
Okay so today, the cha— your challenge, to me,
- is to finish up this bowl. - To finish this?
Yes, exactly.
What do you think?
Sh— This was supposed to be my day off.
If you think this is a lot of chicken by the way, guys,
we're sat right next to the—
the food champion of Niigata Prefecture,
who, coincidentally, is in here on the same day.
Wasn't planned at all, genuinely.
So who[ever] thinks it's plenty of food [right here],
yeah, check it out.
Look at what she's eating.
This looks like a lot, right?
It looks like nothing compared to what she's dealing with right now.
Look at this!
What's going on there?
Today, apparently she's already had two cup ramens
- and— - a big .
And a big... bread... thing.
And now shes gonna eat 7 kilograms of this.
Honestly don't know how the science behind this works, given her size.
That bowl...
Look at the size of the bowl compared to her!
5 kilograms of fried chicken, noodles, prawn crackers, potato salad...
I don't know the science behind this...
How so much food can fit inside such a small, young lady.
So her record is 123 bananas?
, exactly.
7 kilograms of bananas...
I know, I better start...
This is ridiculous...
The last food challenge I did was the Monster Dumpling,
which was—it tasted just awful.
It was like a birthday cake-sized dumpling, with...
I-It was—it was awful.
That's what you need to know.
This is actually the first food challenge I might be able to complete.
I've done the Wanko Soba,
- Wanko Soba... - [The] giant dumpling,
- Dumpling... - And Monster Ramen.
All right.
I failed...
I think I failed all of them, actually.
Yeah, it's— it's not gone well.
So today is a good day
- for you? - Today's the good day. Today's the first day I'm gonna finish a food challenge
- All right, right on! - because it's something I'm actually excited about eating...
Fried chicken!
Have you ever eaten this yourself?
- Unfortunately... - No?!
You've set me up, Roy...
And we've been listening in on their conversation—
between her and her cameraman.
Apparently the secret to success when eating a lot of food is—you have to do this.
- Yes, to help the stomach. - To shake the food.
Gotta shake the stomach.
I actually feel quite sick now, doing this.
So I'm gonna stop.
500 grams.
- You think this is 500 grams? -
I love the way you can tell just by picking it up, how much it weighs.
"Oh yes, 735 grams!"
In Niigata, people can pick things up and know how much it weighs.
- Just by picking things up. - Like me, huh?
How many—how many grams is the plate?
The last, ugh...
The last piece of fried chicken...
Here we go...
All right, almost...
Go for it, Chris!
I did it...
I did it!
Now you've finished all [the] deep fried [food].
I've finished the mountain of fried chicken!
The first time I've completed a food challenge,
I'm the winner!
No, Chris.
You have to finish the rice, too.
- No, you have to! - No!
I can't!
- No! - You can't do it, Chris?
No, no more...
No, it ends now.
It ends now!
She's still eating!
- Yeah... - She's nearly done it all!
You know when you watch a magician do a trick in front of you,
and you don't know how they've done it,
like, "how the fuck did you do that?"
This is like that.
I don't—I, honestly, that pile of food...
How can fit inside her st—
I don't understand, this is mental...
We've been doing a timelapse on the GoPro,
just to prove that this isn't rigged at her expense.
It's real. This is genuinely real.
From what I can tell, the secret is
you have to stand up and jump up and down a few times, or wiggle around.
To help the food go down.
And you need orange juice, that's all she's done.
- Change the flavor. - Change the flavor with orange juice.
That's all she's done.
I tried both of those things.
All it did was make me feel sick.
Really sick.
How much—how much chicken was that?
Uh, 800 grams.
- Total. - 800 grams of fried chicken?
- Right. - 800 grams of fried chicken?
I've never eaten that much fried chicken in one sitting.
♪I feel dreadful...♪
She finished it! She finished the challenge!
Well done!
- She did it. -
- - I failed.
Winner and loser.
I don't know how—I don't know how she did it.
- - Natural-born.
- Natural. - It's just natural.
- Natural-born. - Wow...
She [just] has a magic stomach.
A natural-born food fighter.
It's incredible!
- I'm...
I'm about 175 centimeters. She's...
Not 170 centimeters.
She's so small! How could she eat that whole bowl?!
I've done enough food challenges now, Roy,
to know the secret of success afterwards—
to not die.
Indigestion tablets.
That's, no-no-no... That's...
Not acceptable.
Without them I'd be—I'd be dead in the next hour.
I'd be on the floor somewhere in Niigata.
It was good to see you, Roy.
- Thanks for taking me to the land of chicken. - [It was] very good to see you again!
I hope you don't blame me, right?
- For, uh... having you eat in such a bad... principle. - It was good, though. Yeah, the food was good.
I was blown away by Aya. She was—
Aya was the star of the show.
- I don't know she ate that—that bowl of food. That was mental. - Glad to hear that, glad to hear that...
- Yeah-yeah. - And it was fun.
- Even if I did fail the challenge, it was good to see you again. - Please come over—
- Come back here, right? - Yeah, definately.
- Maybe next year? - Next time I'm back we'll do it all over again.
Say goodbye to Roy, everyone!
Come over to Niigata if you want to have fun, some...
Yeah, if you want to eat some chicken with Roy.
Just come down—come on down to Niigata!
He's waiting for you.
Seriously guys, I'm in a state of shock right now.
Not just because my body is desperately trying to digest 800 grams of greasy fried chicken,
but to see somebody eat a bowl of food bigger than their entire head
is—is a difficult experience, a difficult thing to comprehend, um...
You know, thank fuck she wasn't at The Feeding of the 5,000.
I don't think that meal would've lasted very long with her around.
There's a very famous Japanese female YouTuber called "Kinoshita Yuka," who's also a food fighter,
and it won't be long before Aya is competing with her, given what I saw.
Aya does have her own YouTube channel.
If you want to see her stuff herself with more food, then you can find her in the description box below.
Such a bizarre and random day...
I genuinely had no idea that Roy was planning this,
but I'm glad he did. It was a really fun afternoon.
And my legs, which had been obliterated by the 150 kilometer cycle the last few days...
They desperately needed the calories anyway—the calories and the protein, so...
I don't feel guilty eating all that fried chicken, to put it bluntly.
In yesterday's video, though, guys I asked you for some tips on how to stay awake at night,
doing these late-night editing sessions.
So let's have a quick look and see what advice you've come up with.
Rocky Hemingway says "Cocaine will keep you awake, Chris."
It would, Rocky. It certainly would...
Apart from the fact that I would be deported if I did it in Japan.
So, uh, I'm gonna have to rule that out right away. Right off the bat.
"You should drink so much water [that] you constantly need to go to the toilet."
Um... nah.
"The secret, Chris, is a potent combination of anxiety and insomnia."
Um, yeah, I've already been there, done that. Not very fun, not very practical either.
"Cold shower and stretching to stay awake mate, always worked if I need to stay up."
Yeah, finally! Something that's actually a good idea.
"Green apples have natural caffeine." How did I not know that?
That's a groundbreaking thing to discover.
I'm gonna—gonna binge myself on apples tomorrow night.
I do have another question to pose to you guys, though.
And that is the girl, Aya, today, who ate a ridiculous amount of food—
how did she do it?
How did she physically fit all that food inside her,
and not just be sick—a fountain of "sick" everywhere?
You know, what's the science behind it?
If you have any idea how she did it,
maybe it's some scientific knowledge, or just a half-assed guess,
which is probably more amusing, to be honest.
Let me know in the comments because I genuinely—I genuinely wanna know.
Tomorrow we start the nightmarish 600 kilometer leg from Niigata City to Kyoto.
I do have a very special guest and good friend joining me for the next four days.
If you want to find out who it is and where we're going or where we've been,
you can discover our route on the Tokyo Creative website. I've linked it below.
As well as see behind-the-scenes photos and videos of our trip.
For now though, guys, no matter where you might be, out there in the big, wide world,
thanks for joining me today in Niigata eating fried chicken.
And I hope to see you again tomorrow so we can do it all over again.
It's time for me to undertake my final challenge of the day,
which is lying down with several hundred grams of fried chicken stuffed inside.
This isn't gonna be...
This isn't gonna be fun...
Ugh, Christ... What a day...
See you tomorrow guys, have a good one.
I think this is gonna be the way I, uh...
The way I break my leg.