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Hi, everyone welcome to this introduction to game development in Unity in this series
we're going to start out by looking at the basics of programming in the C-Sharp language and then continue learning more as
We create games of increasing complexity inside the unity engine
Along the way I'll also be providing some challenges for you to try complete on your own so that you can
Practice your problem-solving skills as a programmer
So to give a rough outline of the series. I'm going to begin with several videos covering some important programming concepts such as
variables methods and classes
Following this there will be a brief introduction to the unity engine after which we'll experiment with some practical examples of the things we've [learnt]
Once we have the basics down
we'll then finally be able to start creating games and
As we go through this process also be introducing new concepts to solve challenges as they arise
That's everything for this introduction. I hope you'll join me in episode one until then cheers