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Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!
Yessssssss! *happy laughter*
Right now I am in San Jose on a big summer work trip.
And I've got 10 days to get to Moab, Utah
and then BACK down to L.A.
With this much distance and that little time,
I was gonna fly.
But then, someone I know said,
"You should take this Tesla."
♫ angelic choir ♫
They said to me,
I couldn't say no.
Oh, sooooo cool!
That is never gonna get old!
Ohmigod, I can't believe this.
I am so nervous and so excited right now.
I have no words for this,
Like I can't even explain anything I just have to get started!!
....and we're just, we're just going to go... that's what's going to happen here.
*clicking of the turn indicator thingy*
FFFFFaaaa! F*ckin hell
Future Grey here editing this video: "Now past Grey is very excited, but what he doesn't know...
he's going to make this trip way harder for himself than need be.
And he's also going to make some of the dumbest, most dangerous decisions he's ever made in his adult life."
But...he doesn't know that.
Now you know that.
Back to the excitement.
FFFFFaaaa! F*ckin' hell
obviously it should...
but it's still quiet relieving to know...
Awwwww God...that's amazing....
*deep breath*
WHOOOOOOO maaaaaan....
*exhilarated exhale*
*happy sigh* Alright.
*still high on the excitement sigh* Ohmygod.
This was REALLY overwhelming....ummm.... and I've spent all my adrenaline....
...and I need to calm down and eat a sandwich.
I haven't done any significant driving for....
nearly a decade.
On the last road trip that I took....
it ended in a.....pretty.....bad accident....
Everyone walked away...
but after that, I just didn't want to drive, so.....
I hardly ever did it....
...which meant I was a nervous wreck everytime I did....
which made me drive even less....
and then....because I live in a big city I didn't need to drive.
But I'm going to use this opportunity.... to start again.
*shakey voice* I'm nervous, *with more confidence* but so far, the Tesla's made it a lot easier for me
BOY have I missed driving.
Just coming back from the store and oooooh mmmy god is it beautiful.
Blue's not my color but that car looks fantastic.
*door slams*
Now that I've done the first leg on the highway...
aahhh..... What is it car??
Oh. My seatbelt.
*click keys in ignition*
Now that I've done the first leg....
and I haven't died.
*chuckle with glee* It's FANTASTIC. It's an AMAZING car.
aahhhh...but now I'm going to spend a little bit.... in a more focused frame of mind...
playing around with like all of the settings on the screen and figuring out a few things.....
before I.... continue onward with the next leg of this drive.
This has been a real moment in my life and....
just.... a fantastic driving experience...
I noticed that the click and the animation of the click of the car.....
are not synchronized.
One star. Literally unusable.
I've made it to the first super charger location with *soft chuckle* fourty-five miles left on the battery....
which is waaaaaaayyyyyyy closer than I would ever cut it with a gas tank.
uhhhhh, I have some real range anxiety with cars,
but, uhhhh, I thought I would the map and what it's telling me....
And so here I am. Waiting on line for the next super charger slot that's available.
Ok, so.....if this is the charger.....
Oh that's so cool......
Pullin in 104....103 kilowatts....which is crazy
uhhhh, and I need to leave it here for about 40 minutes
before I continue on the next leg of the trip...
...which is PERFECT because this is in a little mall area and I've got some errands I need to run.
Ok. Back from errands...
and there's a hat trick of X's....
It....looks like we're pretty set... continue on the road! *sigh*
OHMYGOD *with glee in the voice* I can't believe how exciting this is!!!!
Forgot about this. Turns out the car won't let you drive...
If you're still plugged in....
Ahhhhhhhhhh, so I'm guessing....stop charging???
*wind blowing loudly* Come on...oh I'm still connected, oh and it closed for me!
*uncontainable glee* This car is goddammed MAGIC!
Alright. Calm down Grey. Calm down.
It's very exciting. *to himself* Calm down.
Oh yeah, the door closes when I sit.
Ok. Ok.
Let's do this.
♫ Ukiyo - Kaleidoscope ♫
One of the great things about doing a road trip in America is all of these little rest stops that exist
where you can just pull over and take a break. Go to the bathroom maybe get a snack.
It's really nice.
Oh. And by the way.
Beware of snakes.
I look forward to our trip together.
♫ Ukiyo - Kaleidoscope ♫
We're up high enough that there's snow on the ground!
This is unbelievable. I'm...I'm not sure it looks up the way on the camera....but HOLY hell is the visibility low.
It's is a gas station in the corner???
I feel like I'm in the mist....
*excitedly* Look at this! It's AMAZING!
So I'm totally unprepared for this weather....
Ahhhhh, this hoodie is very warm but its not....
...snow warm.
but I'm taking a little break here because the visibility was just zero on the freeway and....
it NEVER snows in London!!!! And I've like...I've gone... all year without seeing ANY snow and I'm so just sooo....
excited right now!!
and happy!
and very cold....
And I just wanted to walk over....
*sigh* and see....
what this little thing was in the snow.
*deep exhale*
Beautiful BEAUTIFUL snow!
Look at those trucks in the snow and the forest in the background....
It's just BEAUTIFUL!
Ok, it is beautiful, but......
I'm also FREEZING.
Okay I've realized it's actually going to get pretty dark....
and..... I'm at the...*coffee pouring*...I'm at like 5,000 feet.
I think the only way.....
...out of this is through the snow and I want to do it before it gets dark.
So i'm going to load up on some rest stop coffee and then we're going to get going.
You're all strapped in the back seat...stay cozy.
We've got some serious snow to drive through.
♪ Download2MP3 - Mendelsohn Violin Concerto 1-1 ♫
*footsteps through the frozen grass*
*soft chuckle* I didn't realize....
....the road I was driving over is the Donner Pass.
I feel like...
the LUCKIEST man alive right now.
I bumped into a guy who's flying a drone....and now I REALLY feel like I need a drone.
This has been quiet the first day back of driving.
In any other car I would have been terrified through that.
Thank you Bailey Blue.
Well that....
was f**king amazing.
Alright. I was planning to go farther today but....
....the ahh snow in the Donner Pass...that took awhile and it took a lot out of I'm going to do the smart thing,
and...I'm not gonna to push....further
*click*....*to himself* did that lock in?? And I'm going to get....there we go.
And I'm going to get a hotel....
in the local area...
instead of being a crazy person and pushing on to Reno.
Nearest hotel *amusement in voice* is a...cabin in the woods.
Very Christmasy. Feels appropriate.
This was a good decision....ahhh. The instant I stopped driving, I realized I am tireder than.....I thought I was.
So...I am very glad to be getting into a room.
To be able to spend the night....and relax.
WOOO! A desk!
Time to set up a work station and pull all the footage off those cards and see what I was actually able to keep in the end.
Speaking of cold....
It's charging at 3 miles per hour. We've added 22 miles overnight.
This is really good!! Because this means I can possibly....try....
something that I was thinking about last night.
Now. To get to Moab. Here's what I should do....
I should take Interstate 80...up to Salt Lake City....that's the smart route.
It's filled with these. Super Chargers.
If you're driving a Tesla a really long way, these things charge it up really fast.
The only thing is...I've already driven across this road. So I have an idea for a different route.
A more interesting ride that I've never done is....this way.
Across what's known as....
for good reason. There's NOTHING out there. Including Super Chargers.
This distance is WAY to long for a Tesla to do on a single charge...BUT...
I've discovered these things....RV parks. It'll charge a lot slower than a Super Charger but it'll work.
There's an RV park here at Fox Peak Station and an RV park here at Ely.
This distance is 283 miles....
and a Tesla's maximum range......
is 300 miles.
If I get stranded along this road it's going to be a real problem.
So...into order to make this work....Fox Peak equals 100% charge.
I CAN NOT leave Fox Peak with less than a completely full battery otherwise I might not make it
and there is NOTHING out here.
So that's the plan.
It's 6:30 in the morning. I'm happy to have woken up and and get started early...because today might be the longest day of driving
but of course before we can get started....
Navigate to the nearest Starbucks.
There's nothing cozier than being in a snowy a warm car....on your way to get some coffee.
Grey: Sounds like a coffee emergency...whatever that was. Barista: Uh-huh
I was talking to the Barista at Starbucks...and she said.....
that this kind of something she's only seen four times in the 20 years she's lived
I was feeling like the luckiest man alive yesterday...and now I feel just twice as lucky that I... get to see this.
Whew!!! It's still pretty coooold out here!
Alright. Let's go inside this casino.
♪ casino music plays ♪
Boy...I sure hope I don't miss what's on this channel...
♪ casino arcade music ♪
It's a buffet...REIMAGINED!
Uh, yeah. I'm going to need two. Uh, both with bacon, egg and cheese...
I don't know why I said egg. Of course there's egg in it...yeah...bacon and cheese...yeah
Omelet Chef: Bacon & cheese? Dos? Grey: *chuckle*...Two please.
Hahaha....I'm not really two people though... am I?
Second coffee acquired....because we all now the first coffee is a warm up...
And.... now we're on to...Fallon....
This place is the test where we find out if I can do the route I want...or not.
Uh, oh, Fox Peak! Not Pizza Hut.
Fox Peak Station.
This is the moment of truth.
Leeeet's seeee what we have here....
*wind blowing*
Seeing that this part doesn't go into that part....and I have no other adapters that can bridge the gap..
*confusion abounds*
Come on baby, come on baby, alright you're going to go in there....YES!
Need my credit card for like the 70th time. Authorizing.....authorizing.....
HEEEY!!!! Alright.
Oh my god. It's a miracle.
Oh. It's going to take a long time.
Sitting here with the Tesla getting it charged for the next leg of the journey...
Ahhhh, it's a little pooped.....I'm a little pooped.
I'm also a bit coffeed I'm going to....get some of my.... replacement coffee pills....
Ahhhh, which are nice....and.....have some of that....
And then I think....I'll show you...
While I wait...
A couple of the features of this Tesla....
*jet noise, you can see the plane as a speck in the distance* Fighter Jets from the Air Force Base.....soooooooo loud!
Alright, the number one thing I worried about before driving the Tesla was thisa GINORMOUS screen and how distracting it would be...
I is HUGE!
But it handles really when you when you hit the navigation, right, so I'm going to navigate...that I want to get to Ely, Nevada.
What it will do....and it would fill in if we had any kind of internet connection...
it'll show an overview of your route if you want...or it'll show a particular to the next Super Charger....
But it doesn't actually really tell you how to really drive here.....
THAT.... is through the steering wheel...on this little screen.
So you don't have to be looking like at this gigantic screen over see where you're supposed to turn,
instead the turn by turn directions are right here....and when you're driving
it's exactly in your field of I feel this is precisely where I want to be looking to see the turn by turn directions.
So THUMBS UP for that.
There is a bunch of other stuff you can do with the screen, but what I like is...
the rear view mirror doesn't give you a huge field of view here...but it doesn't matter...
because, here...there's a button for the camera. So you can hit a rear view camera....
and that shows you what's behind the car.
And then, you can take these two windows and say, swap them....
So that...your overview of your trip is up here. Your rear view mirror is here and you can even
full screen this a little bit it's as big as it can possibly be.
And I like this set up for driving.
Ok. Let's take a look at the car.
Ahhh, you have this little magic key fob and when you get close, the car recognizes you're coming by...
so it starts turning on...the mirror folds can press the door....
and the door opens up automatically which is super nice!
A thing that I thought was a total gimmick...but I love it!
Is when you get in the car....when you press...the break...
the side door closes automatically.
This wire though connects there's a little, uhh, nice dash space where you can plug in...
a traditional cigarette lighter that also has two USB A ports which is charging my laptop
actually from the battery of the car....and another wire which is going up to....
the dash cam that I have set up so that you can see what's going on on this road trip.
From inside the car...ahh, you can actually control the doors as well....
so you can say that you want the driver door open.....and the passenger door open...
and they'll just go!
Alright, lets get out to watch the impressive thing that everybody likes....
Which is the amazing "falcon wing" doors on this thing.
Apparently, in the settings they have some auto height features
that will open up higher or lower based on the space that you're in.
The trunk of the car also goes up...
These are all of the wires and adapters I was messing around with before to actually charge the Tesla.
They come in this nice
Obviously on this road trip I'm not carrying around...
One, two, three, four, five, people....
so instead I have these seats go flat.
There's a little button on the top here you press...when you press it....
The head pops down....
you can then....fold the whole thing flat.
So it gives you just a TON of space.
That's the trunk...let's go, let's go around to the fronk.
*wind blows* We can take a look at the engine inside....
It's pretty awesome.
No engine of course....because this is a Tesla!
So we don't need all that disgusting, fluidly, enginey stuff...
that like your grandpa knows how to fix, but you don't really care about.
There's nothing in here!
The whole car is really just the wheel base...the other wheel base...
and a biiiig battery that connects the two of them with some electrical engines that spin both of the wheels,
but everything above that is just CAR....
So now with all that space you may be asking yourself...."Grey????
I...I haven't seen any suitcases...on this trip...
I haven't seen any luggage. You know the kind of stuff that you'd need for a big ole' road trip."
Like...this car is prrreetttyy empty.
Because there's no traditional car stuff taking all the space...there's space everywhere....
including....right here in the back...
there's a panel...that you can pull up..and HERE is where I've actually hidden...
all of the stuff that I've packed. I like it to look like I'm not carrying all my possessions in the car....
The only other thing than....are these cup holders.
I don’t know if it’s the way I fit in a car or…what…
but this cup holders is impossible for me to reach. I have to move my arm.....
ALLLLL the way back behind the seat.
To then move it be able to get the drink...and up.
Like my elbow naturally goes exactly where this cup holder is.
There should be a cup holder here....
Or there should be a cup holder here...
but this spot. Ruuugh...Ughhh....Aughhh
That spot no bueno for a cup holder.
*wind blowing* Alright that's everything it's time to pack it up and figure out what we're doing.
*wind blowing*
Ok, I think I've been sitting here long enough.
Now, I know past me said something like....
"I... can NOT leave Fox Peak with less than a completely full battery."
But you know what? I'm not obligated to that guy. He's not here right now.
I have discovered something. I don't need to go to Ely....
I can go to a place called the middle.
There's an RV park in Austin, that if I can get there...they have a 50 AMP....charger.
Hopefully I have the right accessories to be able to make that work....
But I have a 20% margin of error to make it to Austin to be able to charge....
and I'm in a dice rollin' kinda mood!
*said with lots of passion* I didn't come across the god-damn ocean to drive across a road I've already driven!
Or to sit at a gas station for another 3 hours!
It's time to get out of here and go get possibly stranded in the desert.
Death, is always the worst that can happen.
Ok, I actually spent the next 15 minutes finding every single setting in the Settings Panel that I could....
flip.... to make energy savings the maximum amount possible....
and get the cabin pre-cooled to save energy on air conditioning as well....
so I didn’t just bolt out of here....I spent a long of time being fussy about things.
Alright we're on the road.
There's a bunch of stuff that I can possibly do to extend the range just a little bit....
and..... so far so good! We're up 1%!
I'm sure that'll ah read 100 by the time we get there if...ah...trends continue.
So I'm feeling pretty great!
Here we are together on the 'Loneliest Road in America'.
♫ Zeta - Bina 49 ♫
We're about halfway to Austin….which is about halfway along my journey of this section of the loneliest road.
We're estimating at about 16%...upon arrival in Austin...which is pretty good.
I think this was a good decision.
I think we’re gonna make it.
Bailey Blue just popped up this alert.
She’s getting concerned that we’re too far from all the Super Chargers.
And I don’t blame her.
We are smack dab in the middle of a Super Charger desert.
Don’t worry!
You got me through those mountains….I’ll get you through this desert of electricity.
I hope.
♫ Zeta - RAM ♫
We have officially reached Austin City Limits and hoooollly hell am I relieved.
Heeeellllo Austin Community Services! Boy am I glad to see you.
Now it's time to try and find the Pony Express RV Camp.
To local man off camera: Pony Express? Or is that the next one down there? Local Man: Yeah, it's down there Grey: Ok, great. Thank you very much man.
Oh my god I'm so excited to be here!!
*wind blowing* *Grey grunts*
Gold Mine! what I'm looking for.
50 AMP......deliciousness.
This is the moment of truth really…
Ahhhhh….because if this doesn’t work… * nervous chuckle*
I am kind of f*cked. and you should go together....
*diesel truck running* Let's....flip!
Oooohhh, that looks sketchy.....
*wind blowing* *shoes crunching on gravel*
AWESOME. Ok. Fantastic.
We’ve at least got electricity.
We’ve got 40 AMPS
*HUGE sigh of relief*
So now I guess the question is to see if I can find...a hotel where I can stay....
there's one possibility here.
Which is...
There's a hotel up the road...
I've got some keys...and a toasty warm room...which I am super happy to have.
I am ridiculously unprepared for this weather.
I thought I was....driving in to the desert!
Oh *sigh* my god, so warm!
*happy shiver of warmth and glee*
Thank you heater!
Thank you door!
Thank you desk!
Thank you microwave!
I am SO glad to be in this room.
So, I realized yesterday that I have dramatically underestimated
how much storage space I was going to need running all of these cameras.
Of course right now I have files that exist only on the 'dashcam' cams and that's just one copy.
So I have to get two copies.
*hints of Grey's voice in post-production editing software or Incoherent technobabble in the editing room*
*keys rattling and rattling*
*Keys dropping into box*
Ugh, I need some coffee.
*sound of footsteps on wooden deck*
*clank of bell on door*
Uuhh... OK.
After a night on the charger, we're all set.
Go substitute coffee, go!
I need you.
Thank you, town of Austin!
Now it's on to Ely.
Supercharger desert.
And there's more..... to go.
I normally wear contacts when I'm driving but, my eyes are bothering me so I'm back...
to my glasses.
But it is a 'driving into the sun' morning,
so I'm gonna be pulling the super-cool look....
of shades *chuckle* on top of prescription glasses.
I have never been I think...on a longer more isolated road...than this.
I was worried about taking the Tesla where no Tesla is supposed to be...but...
this is a lifetime experience.
First real coffee of the day acquired. *sigh of contentment*
At a lovely little cafe in Eureka. Man, I wish I had more time to explore this town.
I'm gonna be late enough for Moab as it I gotta get going.
And the danger of stopping anywhere with a beautiful Bailey Blue Tesla...
*with a smile in his voice* is that everybody wants to talk about it.
So expect...Tesla conversation related delays wherever you go.
Now we just need to find a place....
to hook up...and pay.
Awww, sweet!
Man. That NEVER gets old.
Ok. The nice woman and the casino set me up with a license to park
and a place to work in the hotel with internet.
Internets are few and far between here and I need to download some work files.
If you listen to my Podcast, you'll know I like to use code names for my projects.
So this little statue is calling to me….
If you're ever on the Loneliest Road...
come see the bear.
The first.
Grey Point.
And I wish I had more time to explore the town because it looks like there's a ton of interesting stuff here...
but once again, if I'm gonna get to Moab on time, I really need to get going.
Oh helloooo, hello!
Oh my gaw hellooo!
Faint voice in the background: Oh my goodness, somebody to talk to, somebody new!
Grey: What's her name?
Puppy owner: Her name is Tinkerbell.
Oh, hello Tinkerbell!
This. Never gets you press the button...
The whole thing. *the crowd ooohs and aaahs*
We've made it to Deseret.
That didn't take long for Deseret to start looking like Deseret. *ha.ha*
If you do drive.... in the west, make sure to get red tinted sunglasses... it makes the whole experience better.
Not that this isn't beautiful....
but upping the saturation sure doesn't hurt.
We're coming up on the town of Delta.
Which should have....the last RV park for the Loneliest Road section of this trip.
I see RV's oh ho oh ho!!
Man. This is the nicest looking RV park I've seen yet!
Proper Spaces.
Let's just they have....
what I need...
*angry crunching of grass under feet*
Double F@ck.
Alright. Moment of truth.
Flip the switch.
Greengreengreengreen. YES!!
Alright!!!! Fan....tastic.
Bailey Blue isn’t the only one that needs some power….
it’s dinnertime.
*birds chirping* *Grey crunching*
So an interesting thing has happened.
Now that I'm here....
there's a Super Charger up here....
in Nephi, Utah, that I’ve never...noticed before or I swear to God is brand new.
Ah, It wasn't there when I was looking at the route a couple days ago.
I was thinking I needed to go to Super Charger down here.
Which would have been waaay out of the way.
But this one says I can make it there with 8% remaining.
Given ALL of this, it means....that...
since I have reached the edge of the Loneliest Road in America
and I am off...the Super Charger desert...
I can make it to a Super Charger and I can make it to Moab....TONIGHT.
Every gamble on this trip so far has worked out amazingly so I'm going to roll the dice one last time.
Day light’s burning we’ve got to roll.
Thank you Antelope RV Park in Delta!
YOU are the reason I might make it to Moab tonight.
Alright. I gotta put down the camera. We gotta go.
Whewww 28 miles to spare.
Looks like we're topping out at around 270 MPH that we sit at the charger.
Super Chargers I feel like I really appreciate you after the Loneliest Road.
It was too easy at the beginning, but now I understand just how great you are.
It's going to be 50 minutes here before we can move on to Green River.
I gotta say I'm feeling pretty great just to be back on the Super Charger network.
I feel like that's already...quiet an accomplishment.
So I don't know....
Maybe I'll charge up and.....
Oooo! It's a truck train.
The sun's going down....but you know what??
I don't want to be showing up late tomorrow....I'd rather get there tonight.
Time for....
Tesla. After Dark.
Let's do this!
♫ RoccoW - Bleeps Galore ♫
So I made a bad assumption that there were going to be lights all over this highway....
And...there are not.
I think I would have not done this...
if I had realized it was going to be in total darkness for 100 miles.
83 miles to go! *sigh*
Hoooooly f#ck am I....
*incredulous chuckle*
Am I glad to be off that highway.
*Deep sigh of relief* Alright. *door close*
I thought the most stressful driving was going to be that snow, but boy was I wrong.
I am. I am literally....
I am literally shaking.
Just 20 minutes to kill...while she's charging....
Ok. I'm full of, I'm full of adrenaline and nerves.
I'm just going to walk around for a minute and shake it off.
Let guess, this is the eponymous Green River.
*door click* Alright, let's get back inside here.
Thank you, John Wesley Powell History Museum for installing those Tesla chargers.
Alright. Just a tiny bit longer until Moab and we're done for the night.
I’m going to stop it here.
I can’t show you anymore fast forwarded footage with fun music underneath it.
This was a DUMB, dangerous decision at the end of a long series of dumb, dangerous decisions.
I'd been driving since AUSTIN.
I should have stopped at the RV park...
I should have stopped at the Super Charger...
I DEFINITELY should have stopped at Green River....
but I didn't.
This is how catastrophic errors happen and I just got reallly lucky.
I will NEVER do this again.
PLEASE. Go. To. Bed. if you're driving.
NOTHING is that important.
So I'm going to skip past all this now.
*Good Morning*
*gravel crunching under shoes*
You's hard to get that spot isn't it....
Good boy.
Alright, I'll be back later.
*wind blowing*
Ok, so while I was out here.
Tesla literally announced the next version of their Auto-Pilot System with a ton of improvements...
including more sensors, on ramp/off ramp ability...
Ummm, better ability to hold tight the lanes and take turns...
and smart summon and....a whole bunch of other stuff.
This is one of the things I love about technology.
because technology involves the promise of constant iteration and improvement.
And it is the reason why I have just NEVER cared about cars AT ALL
but I've been really interested in Tesla since I first heard about them because
it seems to me much less a car than a....
♫ Martin Carlberg feat. Niklas Ahlström - Cross My Heart & Hope To Die (Ahlström Remix) ♫
♪ Silver Maple - Superior ♪
*feet crunching on gravel and dead grass*
*more walking and footsteps*
This ceiling is REALLY low I can't actually...
I can't actually stand up in this place.
Oh God....
Oh yeah...that's not...that's not creepy at all!!
Oh God.....
Watch the hell out for that...
What makes this 10 times creepier is that this certainly seems like a ghost town.
There are a lot of these...
pretty shiny new....
No Trespassing signs around.
Like this......
Post Office.
*gravel crunching under Grey's feet*
Which is, I'm going to guess, actually locked.
Yeah, see... so that's actually locked.
Is this new looking sign.
"Smile You're on Camera"
A security camera that suuure looks like it's active.
*almost under his breath* Jesus Christ...
Not gonna lie...I'm kinda terrified to open this....
*wiggles lock as wind blows through the camera*
*mumbles* Jesus Christ.
This thing looks like a puzzle out of midst.
Well, I do actually have to go....
Wait, don't drop your phone down the toilet this time!
Well, if you say so...
*footsteps on deck*
time to go now I think.
Cars do...
feel a bit like a bubble of security and safety that you can take with you wherever you go.
I'm glad I came out to this ghost town...
but the feeling like there are people around is creepy as all hell.
I am very happy to....
head back to that bubble...
of safety and security...
and get back to Moab.
Alright. In the car....
Lock the door.
*nervous chuckle*
Goodbye, Cisco.
*feet crunch gravel*
*bird chirp*
I've been in Moab for a few days...
getting work done.
Getting podcast recording done.
*ding*dong*bing*dong*ding*dong*bing*dong*ding* *dong*ding*...*bing*
All of my equipment is different and new...
*laughter in voice* it's like, oh Jesus Christ, fingers crossed!
Planning and preparing for the final and hardest part of this summer
which is...
Not looking forward to that.
But also, when I can, taking advantage of....
this unique...
and osterley beautiful part of the country.
Driving through the west is like nothing else.
This trip has been just what I needed.
Driving with Bailey especially through some unexpected difficulties.
I've gotten over a lot of the fear and hesitation I had about driving.
I'm really appreciative for that.
This is my final day in Moab.
So I'm going to take the time to appreciate it to...
before I have to drive....
to L.A.
*people talking faintly in background*
*wind blowing*
Got my coffee.
Got my music.
Now just four stops left until I have to be in L.A.
and at vidcon. *sad voice*
But, no need to dwell!!
Moab. I'll see you again soon!
Bailey, let's enjoy the last of the desert driving.
This is the entrance to the San Rafael Swell.
Alright Bailey.
I know that our time together....
is growing short.
but I'm glad that I get to take you....
through one of my favorite sections of....
*deep breath*
Let's do this girl.
GPS: Please follow the road for 105 miles
♫ Mattia Vlad Morleo - Flowing Air ♫
*sounds of the car on road*
Oh man! *softly whispered*
♫ Mattia Vlad Morleo - Flowing Air ♫
That is some serious solar paneling.
It's factorio!
Man....I want that upgrade!
It's time to be agriculturally inspected.
This is the last charging pit stop for Bailey.
Not gonna lie....I am, I am getting pretty emotional about saying goodbye to this girl.
Feel like we've been though a lot together.
We've had a fun romp through the desert.
But I think we gotta....
we gotta clean you back up before you go back to your normal life.
'The Works" of course.
Only the best for Bailey.
I know you don't want a bath.
But you'll be happy to be clean....and....
you know you'll be....
you'll be glad to be back home once you're there.
See...doesn't that feel good??
*car washing noises*
Look how good you look!
Alright girl.
Let's get me to Vidcon....
and you home.
♫ Peter Sandberg - Spring Morning (Scaled Down Version) ♫
We're almost there Bailey Blue...almost there. ♫ Peter Sandberg - Spring Morning (Scaled Down Version) in the background ♫
♫ Peter Sandberg - Spring Morning (Scaled Down Version) ♫