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Hey, rebble!
Welcome back.
Yesterday I made a mono-thematic video on the consistutional referendum
I uploaded it late, so you may not have seen it
it's in the description box
and on the info button (up-right)
from now until 4th december referendum
I'll link it again, because if there's something internet
more than ever
is a massive presence of my pallid dickface in
Breaking Italy's preview
It's a mission, my mission!
I'm doing it for you. That meant 2 things: Firstly I received some critics
not intelligent ones, dumb ones like "Booo! Paid!! Unimpartial!!1! Shame!!
But almost all discussion under the video were fantastic
and I suggest you to read them.
Second thing: I couldn't give my VITAL contribution about the discussion that set off
after Clinton- Drumpf debate,
So I'm doing it right now.
Who won?
I think this happened: Drumpf, more or less like Aliens,
who in the movie learn to climb the walls, is becoming
more crafty and he's actually trying for months
to give a more professional self image, different from the crazy screamer, to attract
a more moderate audience.
Because anyway, it's sad to say but it's the truth,
without moderates, you aren't going anywhere. You don't walk
with the only extremist.
And since there, he choose to take a vice-president who
has a calippo-style charisma,
but the one who is the stereotype of the Republican, The Family Man, who works hard,
goes to church,
is inevitably wite haired
and probably wears coulored polo-shirt and squared shirt.
From now on, there will be a progressive recital. The amazing thing will be
the second debate, which will air next Tue-Wed night [CET], will be a different debate.
besides the two journalist moderators, one of wom
is Anderson Cooper, extremely famous.
Cooper was charged by Drumpf himself to be biased,
even before the dabate started. Just to put
a little bit of Berlusconism
which makes things racy.
The show reckon on the home-made question. Direct ones. This means
that we won't see the candidates dealing with "ready meal", as we all know
that they prepare the speeches before the air,
but we'll see how they will manage the human relationship: how they deal with people.
Neither one of them appears to be good in doing this.
WITH people. Moreove, before changing topic,
Comentators, Italy, World. May we stop repeating
how misogynist is the thing Donald Drumpf being agressive
to Hillary Clinton?
For example, interrupting her continuously
like he actually did? The use of the
misogyny card
has, objectively, broke everybody's ball. Rep. candidate, without
complimenting her for something she doesn't deserve,
She's more prepared to this type of verbal clashing than me,
than you, and probably to most of the people that come up to my, and probably yours
mind. That's because she did this for her whole life: she's been a senator,
Secretary of State,
she's already run for presidence once.
Do we really think she needs some web-warrior
who cries everytime on how needy and defenceless she is,
while Drumpf, the women abuser, interrupts her?
Donald Drumpf
is rude to everybody.
Yes, it's obvious, from interviews and his past, that Drumpf doesn't
have sympathy to women or to immigrants or to minorities, but
that doesn't meant everything is a gender thing.
If he was against Bill Clinton,
he would behaved the same way. Re watch the primary videos:
he looked like a crazy kid under meth
in a funfair. Not considering
that ALL the other candidates
were men
almost all.
Same paternalistic, same contemptuous behaviour
same crazyness , assailing everything
and everybody,
dribbler on the mouth....Always same things. This bothers me a lot. It's unbelievable
how sexist could be a person in whose mind is aiming to
fight right against sexism. Women aren't special creatures
to preserve, aren't
an extinction species.
Stop threating them like that.
Thanks a lot, Huffington Post:
I'm referring to you, US version. I think.
I don't read italian version.
Before going on: on internet appeared a special episode of Will
and Grace. For the ones who don't know what is about, id doesn't matter:
you're offtarget. This is dedicated to political campaigning
and also in this case, in favour of Hillary. It's really funny!
Italiansubs team
subtitled and published in their Facebook page. Link in the description box.
Run to watch it!
Instead, if you're too young....pfff. I mean pffff.
Talking about other interesting things: Elom Musk, Tesla and SpaceX CEO
the private company which orbits satellites and let the rocket come back to Earth,
sometimes makes them explodes, it's related to NASA and soon could
start collaborating with USA and ESA
to transport astronauts to ISS
announced yesterday its target: realize a project,
theoretically working,
to transport people on Mars. The point is: while we're making fertility
campaigns, because Italy doesn't grow which conducts
indissolubly to a worsening lifestyle for everybody
and the consequent slowing of economy,
the crisis on social security,
YADAYADAYADA, the thing we already talked a lot about!
On Earth population is stil rising.
Now, a part from thinking that here we'll keep decreasing in number,
and nobody born in places where kids are made like farts in a
mexican restaurant,
will replace left places, is simply unlinked to
This could take, in the future, the Earth to be unlivable
in theory
Mars is where we're headed.
In theory. Practically, for now, is unachieavable. Journey are expensive,
aren't safe, Mars is far, it's unclear what astronauts are supposed to do
when they arrive on the red planet, a huge expanse of nothing and dust,
but that's not the point. The point is the ability to thing big and
plan something that could happen
from now
to past 100 years, obviously hitting the enthusiams of whom wants that
to happen tomorrow and the skepticism of
who says that's impossible to happen ever.
Personally, I admire a lot the people who have this vision, this
capacity, the real capacity, not the ones who tries to convince you
that they're about to send you to Mars
to cheat you money. That, I mean people who want to cheat you money, bring me back to
ask myself, like what happened sometimes in the past:
the ones who'll go to mars, will really be aware that they're
going to die
in a far, desertic and cold place? [Written] I made a joke, INTERNET. The project expect the hypothetical COME BACK of the astronauts [/Written]
without the possibility of coming back and without Wi-Fi, as we're speaking
about people who are so "alienated" that they'd prefer
to live there.
Truenumbers site published
a coulored infographics,
so immediate joy, that shows the results of an Eurostat survey
how much satisfied citizen are
about the lifestyle in various
european capital cities.
In the last position, the Athenian citizen,
and in the last-but-one the roman.
Roman friends,
you're like on the fround. Everybody beats you: from the French, obviously
pessimist like italians,
to english, germans, estonian, without taking into consideration North Europe,
which, to say, against the land of the sun, friendship and
seafood and mixed fried fish! Oh, put on record that this graphics
is pissing me off, as the colour aren't gradual. Amsterdam is in the middle
of the graphics, but is so yellow. What's happening here? Paris is having a mustard-color in the middle of
If you don't know how to do things, don't do them, ok? Get another job, don't
do the colourist.
To people like me, charts are important.
SICK, with severe problems. Going back to the big project issue and
big ideas that change the world, *blablabla*, the courage to see the future, *bla*
and other inspirational phrases, with a hanging kitten and a period
which encourage to hang on...
AAAAhhh! How motivational we are today, don't we?
How much?!?! The Strait bridge [NoT: Strait of Messina Bridge @wikipedia]. Now, Renzi brushed up the idea to
buid the bridge of the famous Berlusconian memory, which
connects Sicily to the rest of Italy. I don't want to talk specifically, as
it's one of the ideas which are fated to be a fantasy
of who wants it to be realized. And if you're Sicilian, keep in mind that
nobody, better than a sardinian, can understand you.
You also need to consider
built the bridge, all Turin citizen will come at your house. This is not a pleasant situation,
Think about it.
Now, Renzi talked abouth this, not wanting to call it
"Strait bridge", because is the strait bridge in a way of modernization
of the Country: new railway infrastructure, take the train in
Palermo and the next moment you're in Cuneo,
things like this.
Then, like everybody on the planet made him[Renzi] notice,
announcing 100'000 new jobs,
the Strait bridge would have taken,
(by the way he lift the rod more than the knight[Berlusconi], who promised a little bit less)
he appeared like Berlusconi,
and the fact that his party mocked the Ex-presiden one for this,
he adjusted the shot. SO
It's an IDEA,
it will come after railway, everywhere presence of optical fiber , after everyone
will write a declaration in which he/she admits that
Colorato [tv show], never made people laugh,
and so on and so for.
So, after this
we'll make
the strait bridge. I take the opportunity not to talk about the bridge
anymore, which really
I can't take it. Really cant. Let's not talk EVER.
I feel like I'm pulling out the invicta-fluo backpack and
the more fluo pouch.
I think we should stop using every pretext to
reason compartmentalized. Seriously, I'm one of the people who
thinks that the Italian, majority, attitude
"It's impossible" and "Let's not change anything" is one of the reason why
this Country
doesn't grow, either economically, nor culturally. When I look to
big countries
I see places where things gets done, cities, palaces, infrastructure, bridges
are build, people goes in space, build new neighborhoods from nowhere
I don't know, they build skyscraper, found new innovative companies
launch products, new things... MAKE THINGS.
For those huge products,
like going to Mars, the Chinese bus, which popped out to be
a means hoax,
or robotics, which fascinates me a lot.
if Renzi, in this case,
is right about not being afraid of big works, that saying "NO,
don't do, it's impossible, there's the mafia, better lie on the bed, goodnight!"
is a losing departing behaviour. I don't mean that everything that will come up
to our mind is a good idea regardless to everything. Like not every criticism is
like bringing bad luck to the government. We charge a lot
Salvini or Grillo supporters to paralyze politics.
The ones in favour, the ones against. Who is for "Yes" and who is for "No". Who is with and who is against us.
Who is the Caste [dispregiative for italian government] and who is people.
This is also a way to polarize it, as you're
implicitly saying:
everyone who say NO to Strait Bridge.
Again, I don't want to talk about, but, innovative idea, isn't it?
Are they afraid of the future?
Well, no.
Some of you wrote me "You're for the progress, I bet you
Well, not necessary! I'm not Marinetti!
It's really important that this country free itself from the ones who always say no
regardless of evwrything.
But also to whom say always Yes regardless of the simpathy
to the elected government. And this is Everything for today. Thank you for watching it.
This picture is fantastic and I'll show you immediately: they're Silvio, Manuela and Alberto
all of them from Treviso,
whith, on their hand, not only my logo, but also the HEYA poster they bought which
I signed and dedicated to Alberto who
made Breaking Italy known to the other two.
Alberto, thank you very much! Obiously if I discovered you were teetotal, I
wouldn't have signed it, but now it's too late.
So, thank you everybody to come right here. I'm ShooterHatesYou,
this was Breaking Italy.
I'm so Tired, see you tomorrow
At 6pm.