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When Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri only a child in [gorge] catching insects as a hobby as he got older
Tajiri decided to transform his hobby into a video game, and he called it the po po
capsule monsters tajiri was heavily inspired by a TV show from
1967 that aired in Japan called
Ultraseven in which the protagonist used guiding monsters contained within small capsules to help him fight
Okay, seriously what the hell is going on in this show
Okay moving on but the name captial Monsters had some trademarking issues
So the name was changed to Pocket Monster instead which in aggravated form becomes Pokemon
"Where do the meat in the Pokemon universe come from?" it's a question that's been asked over and over again by fans
And it's only been met with vague replies
So without an official answer from Nintendo and only the games and anime to go on the horrifying truth
Seems to be that the people in the Pokemon universe eat
Pokemon while there are real animals in the world they seem to be very rare almost to the point of extinction as they are not
Often seen or mentioned neither in the games nor the anime
And it has been hinted at specific Pokemon are actually eaten some even being considered delicacies for example a pokemon called
Farfetch'd are noted for making a good meal and were nearly hunted to extinction because of this
Ultimately leading to them not being so rare also in the anime
It's indicated several times that fish like Pokemon are caught and eaten
Such as the magikarp then again it might not be that strange as Pokemon are
Essentially animals in their world where some are kept as pets and others might get eaten
Back in 2005 there was a gene in the human body named
Pokemon however a nintendo threatened to sue the center that discovered it after they found out the gene could cause cancer
something nintendo did not want to be associated with and so the center was forced to rename the gene and now it has the
Much more spectacular name
but Fear not we still have Pikachurin a protein in the human body named after the iconic Pokemon
currently there are
718 revealed Pokemon in the franchise and if we look at the official list we can see that
Bulbasaur is listed at the very top with the national Pokedex number 0 0 1
Logically that would mean bulbasaur was the first-ever pokemon created right ? wrong. We have all the way down to number
112 where we'll find Rhydon which is the actual first ever pokemon created
There are even early sketches of Rhydon when Pokemon was still called capsule monsters
Pokemon can be defined using. What is called types currently there are 18 different types
Normal,Fire,Fighting,Water,Flying,Grass Poison,Electric,Ground
Dragon,Ghost,Dark,Steel,and Fairy types function as a way to tell what a Pokemon can and cannot do more
Specifically what type of abilities it has in terms of defense and offense
Pikachu for example is of the electric type and a pokemon can only have one or two types if a pokemon
Existed and had every type it would interestingly enough only be weak to rock types. The most common is the water type which consists of
124 Pokemon the least common is the ghost and fairy type with only 34 Pokemon each
This is the most valuable Pokemon card out there
It's called the Pikachu illustrator or Pokemon illustrator and only 6 copies were ever created
It was originally given away as a reward for those who had a winning entry in a Japanese Pokemon contest in
1997 only Japanese versions of the cards exist and they are valued at approximately
$20,000 however recently one of the cards showed up on ebay for a whopping
$100,000 that's a lot of paper for another piece of paper
In 2001 the small South Pacific Country in the Niue
Printed official legal coins with several Pokemon characters featured on the back to celebrate the franchise to find one today
though could be quite difficult as they are very rare and the coins are considered a collector's item
Very noticeable feature about the character named brock in a long-running Pokemon anime is the fact that his eyes
Naturally appear closed however there have [been] a few brief moments where they have appeared open
But the few times they have many viewers have complained about it being almost a little eerie judge for yourself
Ash the main protagonist of the anime series has the last name ketchum
It's a play on the words catch 'em as in the show's
Tagline "Gotta catch 'em all" in the Japanese version of the anime though the protagonist is known as Satoshi of the Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri
And on that note the rival of the main character
Gary Oak is known as Shigeru paying homage to the creator of games such as Mario and Zelda
Shigeru Miyamoto
There are many reasons why people start practicing sports strangely enough
Pokemon is one of them at least for this guy when Ashley Mckenzie was 11 years old
He got into a fight with another kid when he tried to take his Charizard card for those of you
Don't know Charizard was like the shit back then but after being defeated
He did some research and found the kid had used judo moves on him
He went to the local judo club and after confronting his attacker and getting his pokemon card back
Mackenzie realized that judo could be something for him today all thanks to that one Charizard card
Mckenzie is a judo champion
While speaking of sports have you seen his face of video between Kobe Bryant and Lionel Messi. It's pretty awesome
Actually, just click this red annotation or the link in the description to go check it out