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Ladies and Gentlemen.
Because of you fine people, my StandUpMaths YouTube channel now has one hundred-thousand subscribers!
Thank you so much, and to mark the occasion, I'm going to make a slightly pointless mathematical video I have always wanted to do.
I am going to try and accurately flip a coin ten times, in a row.
So you know, I am using a fair coin. I have a FIFA coin... this is what they use to start football matches.
And nothing says "fair" and "non-corrupt", like an international football organisation.
So you can see, on one side it has a yellow surface - we'll call that the Heads,
and the other side is blue - we'll call that the Tails.
So, other people have done these videos before, including my mathematical buddy, James Grime, and I've always been very envious: I wanted one of these videos.
Then I went, "Well hang on, this is the perfect opportunity. I can do it now. I mean, it just involves a combination of skill, and effort."
Believe me, very much the latter.
And so that's what I'm going to do.
But to mix it up slightly, unlike what other people have done, I'm not going to try and get ten heads in a row, I'm going to try and alternate.
I'm going to get Heads, and then Tails, and then Heads, and then Tails, all the way down for ten, perfect flips.
Okay, let's start this thing! First one out, Heads.
Followed, of course, by a Tails.
Now, I actually find the first five of these are really easy - you pretty much just chuck it in the bowl five times.
Then you've got yourself your first Heads, Tails, Heads, Tails, Heads.
After that, it gets a bit trickier. I really struggle with six and seven, I mean eight? Piece of cake. But six and seven, much harder.
So here we go, let's go for a Tail, come on...
Yes, six.
And then seven, nearly out of the woods...
There's seven, ahh nice job.
Eight, like I said, piece of cake, chuck it in there, there's eight.
And then finally, nine and ten.
This takes a little bit of focus because, you know, there's only a one-in-a-thousand... ish... chance that this will work.
So here we go, ready, ready, and...
Nine, yes.
And then finally, for ten alternating Heads, Tails in a row, one last flip, there we go...
And that... there it is. That is ten coin flips, in a row, perfectly getting Heads, Tails, all the way down.
And my goodness, that is so amazing. Ten flips. I am bordering on speechless.
So, ten flips in a row, for my 10^5 followers.
And this, I mean very literally, is a celebration, for... you! Because without the subscribers, I wouldn't be here doing this...
Or, well, I might still be here doing this, but it would be a lot more depressing.
So thank you so much everyone for subscribing, I wish I could give something to all, one hundred-thousand of you, all 10^5.
And, sadly I can't. So here's what we're going to do...
Little spoiler alert, I have not been here... I haven't just flipped the coin ten times.
I have been here, for some time, flipping this coin.
So, whoever is the closest to guessing the number of flips I had to do, to get ten in a row, will win a prize.
In fact, the ten people who are closest to guessing how many, will win a prize.
I will... For the next ten days, you can leave your guess or prediction in the comments underneath.
You only get one guess each, and no, "Oh, I guess the average of everyone..."
No, I want a number: how many flips have I sat here doing?
And then yea, that's it. I'll send out ten prizes.
So again, thank you so much for your support, it means a lot to me.
And without it, I mean, this all wouldn't be possible, and I mean here we go. With all of us, you know, let's carry on.
We've made 10^5. Next up, 10^6.
Actually you know what... Why stop with ten?
Alright James, let's see if we can go for more.
Ready, okay, ready, and so eleven?
Oh, okay... Ten! Ten flips, in a row alternating Heads, and Tails.
Thank you for watching.