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Now in the maths world
It's a bit of a nerd credential to be able to solve one of these.
This is a Rubik's cube currently in the solve state and until quite recently
I wasn't able to solve one of these until earlier this year
I thought you know what I better learn and so I learned and basically you learn a series of algorithms to move any particular
You know block to anywhere else and just apply them in the correct order and sooner or later you will have solved it. However,
I'm going to show you how you can cheat because without actually learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube
You can learn how to make it look like you can solve the Rubik's cube and what you can do is start applying the same
Move over and over to the Rubik's cube. So what I'm doing here is I'm moving
There's down that across that back up that across. I'm not doing one thing and then undoing it
I'm just doing the same
repetitive thing to it over and over again the amazing thing about the Rubik's cube is if you do it for long enough you get
Back to where you started
in fact any
Sequence of moves if you continue applying them to the Rubik's cube will eventually bring you back to where you started
I say eventually because on that case I got back quite quickly
If you did the combination, where you twist the top,
Then you twist the side then you twist the top then you twist the side and you repeat that combination of moves over and over
and over again after a hundred and five of
Applying those combinations of moves you'll eventually come back to where you started and if you're curious
It's because the corner ones will move around and they will take 15
15 applications of those move them to get back to where they started and the edge ones will do the complete lap in seven and
105 is the lowest common multiple of seven and fifteen
What you want though is a series of moves which will get you back to where you started comparatively quickly
But make the cube look very mixed up in the middle
so here's the combination you're going to use you take the Cube and
You take the one the left and put it down
Take the one on the right and put it up
And you turn the whole thing around and then you go down up around and we've done that twice. That's
three times
four times that's five times and
Six times after six times you see you kind of get this kind of jazzy looking pattern going on
We're halfway there if we do it six more times
We go right back to where we started so let's just do it three so if we go down
Up one down up two down up three
We've now done it an extra three times
We're nine out of 12 the way through and what you can do now is if you have a look you see
the center one here is
Blue and the center on the top is white and no matter what you do to a rubik's cube
You never move the center pieces they stay in that very set crossed
Arrangements if you remember white on the top blue underneath you can move this around as much as you want you can throw it up
Hopefully catch it and eventually
You need to remember that you started with the white on the top and where's the blue the blue underneath
So you leave this lying around the house you wander over when there's company you pick it up and go
Didn't finish solving that and as long as you start there, and you go down up turn down
Up turn down up turn
You will have solved the Rubik's cube with a fraction of the effort. Good luck