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How long does it take for the Earth to go around the sun?
Well, a day.
"Well--" Yeah? "Twenty-four hours." Twenty four hours?
What do you reckon, cuz?
Isn't it twenty four hours?
Obviously a day, yes.
A day, I hope.
I know it takes, uh, ninety minutes for the space station to go around the earth
Three-hundred and sixty days.
No, one day. Is it one day?
I don't know. What is it?
I say one year.
I dunno, like a year.
Uh, a year.
One year.
Twelve months.
Twelve months?
Three-hundred and sixty five
Three-hundred and sixty-five
Three-hundred and sixty five days?
Yeah, I'd agree with that
Three-sixty five.
It's somewhere between that, it's not quite precise, is it?
Three-hundred and sixty-five and a bit days.
It's nearly three hundred and--it's three hundred and sixty five
Five and a quarter days.
Wait, the earth doesn't take one day to get around the sun.
Takes about a year.