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There's an old Danish proverb That Says it's Very difficult to make predictions especially about the future
But I'm gonna make One right here and that is that self-driving Cars are going to replace
Human Drivers in Things Like Ubers taxis
Transport Trucks and i think that Change is coming in the not-Too-distant future i think we're gonna start to see it in the next five
It's not hard to imagine of course because the technology is almost there today I think this is my Uber right here
How you doing i'm recording a video for YouTube do you mind?
Is that all right with you? Sure. Are you worried about robots taking your job?
It's shit like this...
Do you think...?
You think that no self driving car could...
Could do this. No.
If you go grocery shopping do You ever use the automated Checkout
you Scan Your groceries you don't go to a person
Thank you so much appreciate it
Now i'm going to a restaurant where you don't. Have to order from Any
Human being You can order from an Ipad Type device and then Pick Up your food
From a Little Cupboard.
do You Mind if i film My ordering experience
do you mind holding that Just for a Sec? sorry.
did i do It right. yep. i add it to Bag
Maximum is Three Minutes
wow. Just tap on it? tap twice?
No way!
Can I ask You a question? Yeah sure. Do you think robots are gonna take our jobs? i imagine most Majority of Jobs Will
yeah sooner or later robots Will replace Because they're more efficient
I'm just guessing. Hopefully not. i imagine we'll do something at least.
so Robots Have Already Replaced
Cashiers Here and service People and maybe even the Chefs but it's not Just the menial Work i mean i think it Makes sense That
The Simple Jobs The easy Ones to automate those are the ones that are done first
But Robots and Machines
computers are getting Smarter They can Already Beat Us at Virtually Every game like Go or Poker or chess or
Jeopardy and i think the Key Equation That
All of This is going to come down to whether or not your Job is automated It comes Down to Whether the return on investment
is better
putting That Money into a machine Than putting it into the continued use of Human labor and for a Lot of Jobs
Including White-Collar Jobs That's an Equation That's going to favor Robots in the long term
A major outcome of all of This automation is that Companies Need fewer employees to provide the same Kind of value to customers
Take The Biggest Company of
1964 AT&T
Valued At something Like Two Hundred and Seventy billion Dollars in Today's Money
and They employed at That time Over eight Hundred Thousand Workers
Today Google Which is Valued at a Hundred billion more Than That Only employs
60,000 people and if you look at What May be a related trend the percentage of Males Between the ages of
25 and 54 That's Considered prime Working Age The Number of those Males Without a Job has Tripled since the
Part of That May well be due to automation
a Study Out of Oxford University in 2013
estimated That Nearly Half of all Jobs are at risk of being automated Within The Next few Decades
That's Kind of Astonishing
It's easy to see how this could Lead to a downward trajectory for society We Would continue to see the accumulation of Wealth
Among The the investor class They would Get richer because the profits only Grow When they Can Pay
Less to Robots Than They would to Human labor on the other end of The spectrum you'd have those Workers Who are trying to compete
For The Last Remaining Jobs That The Robots Haven't Gotten yet and so
Salaries Just Get Lower and Lower you Have this massive?
Inequality issue
Figures Like This are not New if you go back to the Early 1800s in England
Textile Workers were being Replaced With
Machines and so They revolted and They Actually went in and bashed the machines They were called The luddites and
a lot of People Use that as an insult today as IF you're anti progress but They had these legitimate concerns That
Technology Was going to Make People
Unemployable and We Have that same Concern today and We look back on the luddites and a Lot of People Want
To take Away the lesson that well They were wrong and
Ultimately The Whole economic System didn'T collapse and New Jobs were created and ultimately There wasn't a Lot of Unemployment but What
This Overlooks Is that for Those Workers
Themselves a Lot of Them were replaced or suffered Hardship so what is the real Lesson We Should Learn From the luddites?
Well i think there's Two Major Things One is that Over the centuries
Humans have Been Working less and Less Not that There have Been Fewer Jobs?
But That each person Works Fewer Hours if you look at The average amount of time People were working in the
1830s It Was 70 hours per week and Now the average is down to 40 hours per week you know during the great Depression
of Last Century The Famous economist
John Maynard Keynes predicted That By 2030 we might Be Working
15 hour weeks and Have Plenty of leisure time Because he saw how technology Was taking over all of These Roles and
Making Food production and Housing and Doing The washing for us it's obvious that if Other
Devices are doing a Lot of The Work we Should Be Able to work less
and The cost of everything Should Drop Such that we Have
You Know Plenty of Money to live life the Way we want. the other factor here is the new Jobs That Will be created
It's almost impossible to imagine What they Will be and i know
Because well When i graduated high school and even college The Job that i have Today Wasn't invented yet YouTube Didn't Exist
Remember wanting to be a Filmmaker but not wanting to be part of the traditional film
Industry and Try to Work my Way Up from pa and Just Hopefully get a Lucky Break It Seemed like a
Terrible Job prospect and Not at All a
Meritocracy But I couldn't Have Imagined the Greatness of the role that i have Now and that Was Just over a decade ago
So undoubtedly There Will be some new Jobs and Already We See trends in the way The tech Industry is developing
you Know a Lot of The Platforms like Etsy or ebay or
YouTube or Facebook
They are making It possible for Other People to be entrepreneurs you can use those platforms to make a Business
So i think That's Kind of an interesting trend That we're seeing that if you're creative if You are entrepreneurial you can Find
Platforms That Help You Build and Grow a Business
But those are the key skills and Who takes advantage of These new opportunities
Well those are gonna be the people who have the right
Education and i think That's the key Here you know the problem the luddites had Was that they
Could Only Really Do One Thing and It Was Very difficult to get training to do something different
so for the future the key is going to be can you Get the right Education
That Will Make you
Adaptable and agile Because you're probably not going to do Just one Thing for your life and you probably Shouldn't Just Have one
Skillset For This video i partnered with the president of northeastern University
Joseph e aoun he's an Educational futurist and he's written a book about how
Universities and colleges Need to innovate in order to prepare students for This world in Which
Automation Is a Major risk that book is called Robot Proof now in the book he talks about three Major Things That
Universities Need to do in order to prepare students for this new World
Number One They Need to help students develop the skills that machine's Just don't Have or aren't Very Good at Things Like
Creativity and entrepreneurship
Second They Need to provide opportunities for students to get Experience in the workplace in professional settings in Addition to in the classroom and
Universities Need to be Places of Lifelong Learning Because it's not Like you're going to go to University Just
Once at The Beginning of Your career and then Work for the rest of Your life you may be coming back Many Times
to gain New skills for the new Jobs That Will be opening up
So if you want to be robot proof or you want
to think about the future of Education You Should Really Check out his book it is Very
Very interesting to read and it's not a huge long
Book i found It fascinating you can Read it i have link to it in the description
So i want to thank northeastern University for supporting veritasium and i want to thank you for watching
One day That bus might Be Driven By a Robot