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My name is Jim Wescoat in the Aga Khan Program for Islamic
Architecture here at MIT.
And the field of work that I'm pursuing
is what I like to call water conserving design.
And that is an effort to draw together
the conservation of water infrastructure
with the conservation of the water resources themselves.
But also the human livelihoods that depend on water,
and the cultural meanings associated with water.
And really try to develop an integrated perspective
on the conservation alternatives that
are available to society in regions both in the US
and in South Asia, and India, and Pakistan.
Three projects currently underway that we have.
One is focusing on water, climate, and food security
risks in the Indus Basin in Pakistan.
The second one is looking at hydropower alternatives
in the Indus Basin with support from the MIT Energy Initiative.
And a third is looking at disaster resilience
and disaster resilient design in the northern areas of Pakistan,
particularly in collaboration with the Aga Khan planning
and building services.
And this type of work that we're doing in the Khan program is
linked with a broader [? institute-wide ?] initiative
in the field of water resources research.