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I'm in Bristol, a port town in the South West of England.
You see this plaque? Remember this plaque -- It's going to be important in a minute --
because what this plaque and its counterpart commemorate is the fact there is
very literally, a bit of this city in New York.
Same plaque, different location, here at Waterside Plaza in New York.
See, here, on the East River, is a lot of landfill.
Originally this whole section was a bit further away from the water,
but in World War II, American supply ships went to Bristol, found that it was almost completely bombed out
and, well, they needed something to help weigh them down on the way back across the Atlantic,
so they literately took the rubble -- the stone, the brick of bombed out Bristol – loaded it onto their ships,
took it back here, and then just dumped it in the East River.
This little bump on the map, right here – this entire housing development which has the same 60's and 70's
square brick architecture as Bristol because they were built at the same time – this development here,
and for a few streets either way, is literally built on the rubble of Bristol.
I am standing on a bit of England, here, in New York City. Something you might not have known.
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