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Are the brightest minds working on the most important problems?
And to the degree that they're not, how can we increase that,
which I think would make a huge difference?
I, myself, did not go through some rational process
of picking what I wanted to work on
based on it ranking high on some list I wrote down
of great problems.
I fell into what I ended up doing as my full-time career.
And I feel good that that work actually
led to a broad industry that has been incredibly empowering.
These important problems, there's reasons to believe we
can make progress.
But that rate of progress will be somewhat proportional to how
we draw people in.
My dream is that, say a few years from now I'll go off
and I'll have a weekend and instead of talking about March
Madness and stock prices, we'll have
these brackets about the best teaching,
and which ideas have been tried, teen teaching, online,
and we'll be comparing which should really come out
with the best outcomes.
And then we'll talk about food and, you know, the best seeds,
the new agricultural practices that are
increasing this productivity.
And we'll have that same kind of excitement and understanding
that we have about other topics.
And if we really did that, yes, we
might delay the invention of a new financial product
by a few years.
But if it helps on the important problems,
I think it's a good thing.