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So as current wearable technologies
get smaller and thinner and closer
to the human body there is this
greater need and desire to be
able to personalize the appearance
of these devices, to make them
more appealing to wear. NailO is
a miniaturized track pad,
comparable to the size of a
commercial nail-art sticker.
Basically the device that we made
is a miniaturized track pad. It
integrates electronics such as
the processor, the bluetooth
radio and the battery into a small
fingernail-sized package. And
this device can send data
wirelessly to your phone and it
doesn't need to be plugged in or
connected to anything.
Because of its small size it is
very subtle and discrete.
So let's say today I want to
very subtly change the color of
accessory that I am wearing when
I enter or exit a certain social
scenario, I can very easily do
that with my fingernail. And also
because its on your fingertip
this is a very natural and
unobtrusive location, we have a
lot of gestures using our fingers
so let's say today my hands are
full, perhaps you're busy cooking
with both of your hands but you
want to scroll through a recipe
then you can use NailO as a
third hand to help you do so.
Our immediate goals are to
further miniaturize the device;
we want to fit all of the
electronics in one chip which
would allow it to be thinner,
smaller and reduce the power
consumption. It not only has a
functional purpose but we also
engineered it so that the wearer
can very easily alter the
appearance of the device based
on their personal taste and
selection of nail-art designs by
attaching on top of the device.
And so we really think this
opens it up for it to not only
be something that is functional
but it becomes like a canvas for
self-expression. You can express
your personal taste, your personal
sense of fashion, your personal
preferences for what to wear
through this wearable technology.