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I find it very easy to get excited about infrastructure.
It's humanity taking our greatest skills, our science, our engineering,
and using it to bend the world to our will.
Now I'm in Tromsø in Norway, that is the Polaria Aquarium behind me --
it's really disappointing by the way, the seals didn't even do Kiss from a Rose --
and I'm in indebted to Rob Stradling on Twitter for pointing out this.
This is the Tromsø tunnel system.
So what, you say, it's just a tunnel. Well, yes it is, but what it actually is is a massive series of tunnels
connected by roundabouts underground.
Now, I realize that to my American viewers just the concept of a roundabout in itself might be mindblowing,
but a roundabout underground?
That actually takes the congestion away from the surface,
that is essentially every 1970s sci-fi city planner's dream come true, actually in place and working?
Well that is something rather cool,
and that is something that you might not have known and that I certainly didn't.
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