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The FreeD is a handheld,
augmented device that allows
you to carve and sculpt manually
with your hands without being
knowledgeable or skilled in this
process. Currently there are two
ways to do things: one, to use
a machine, a robotic fabricator
that will do it for us, or to
hold a chisel and to sculpt by
hand. However it takes many
years to train using a manual
device and today most of us
don't have this knowledge so
this technology allows us to use
our hand with the computer help-
ing us and assisting us to be
much more engaged and to create
this intimate relationship
between the maker, the hand, and
the material.
So the way the tool works is
basically the computer tracks
the tool at every point. There
is a tracker on the tool itself.
It's magnetic tracking so its
very precise. And basically the
computer knows and keeps track
of whatever material is removed
by the user. Every position the
user gets to with the tool the
computer knows that the material
that was there is gone because
if the user was able to reach
that point that material is gone.
And basically the computer just
makes sure that the user does
not penetrate a 3-D virtual model
that sits in the computers memory.
So the user can work freely and
remove as much material as they
want but as soon as they get
very close or up to the surface
of the 3-D model (remember every-
thing is 3-D tracked to a very
high precision) the computer
stops the carving tool from
working so the user cannot harm
the model itself. With this
technology our intention was not
to make a new, better fabrication
technology that would be more
accurate or more efficient, but
what we want to do is to involve
this subjective intention, the
personal making process in
digital practice. Each of us
will have a different tool path.
If we all rely on the same
reference we still have a
different story. This unique
narrative, this unique subjective
signature on the final product.