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Anyone can draw a stick figure - all you need is a circle and five straight lines… four
straight lines… one straight line and a curvy one?
The point is, there's no right or wrong way to draw a stick figure.
So here's how you do it.
Step one - the head.
Draw a circle - well, or an oval, but it looks better if it's a vertical oval because people's
heads tend to be that way.
Unless you're drawing a dog.
Or a sideways person.
Or Dolores Umbridge.
Step two - the body.
Connect it to the head.
Or close enough.
Don't make it too long.
If it curves, the person might be sad.
Or doing yoga.
Or a snake.
Step three - the legs.
This is the most important part.
Make them longer than the body.
That's how most people look in real life.
You can make them running, or walking, or doing the splits, or squatting, or punting
Baxter - anything's fine, as long as they're long.
But not too long, otherwise you get alien weirdness.
Also no extra joints - unless you're a two-tailed snake.
Step four - the arms.
The quick and dirty method is a single line, but it doesn't really look like a real person.
People have arms that can point independently of one another!
And necks that aren't half the length of their torsos.
Arms can do lots of things - yay! scribble scribble scribble telescope point hammer!
you've been a naughty boy Sad.
And finally - step five.
The great enigma of the face: do you draw it?
I don't because I like to let people project their own emotions onto my stick figures…
also because I can't draw faces that express any emotion other than cheesy smile!
And that's how you draw a stick figure!
Add ears for extra cuteness.
This video is part of the "School of Youtube" Charity event, inspired by the fact that while
many of us are lucky enough to attend school or college, there are millions of children
around the world who can't go to school because of poverty or conflict or lack of educational
infrastructure or a host of other reasons.
Comic Relief is a charitable organization that provides grants and aid to tackle the
root causes of poverty and social injustice around the world, and they'll use the money
that's raised through this School of Youtube campaign towards helping kids around the world
get a better education.
You can donate either online at (for "school of youtube") or if you're in
the US by texting SOYT to number 71777 - message and data rates may apply.
Even as little as $10 can help provide school supplies for several students for an entire
year - that's like, one ticket to the movies, or two chocolate malts.
I like malts so much, I donated a hundred malts worth of education!
How many malts will you donate?