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- No one knows why humans get motion sick.
I mean, we know what causes it:
it's the difference between the motion that we see
and the motion that we feel.
But why nausea?
Why not a migraine or a loss of bladder control?
There's a popular theory that says
it's because our brain thinks we've been poisoned.
Some toxins do mess with your balance.
But that is just a theory.
One scientist describes that theory as not just unproven but untestable.
Anyway, I'm with these reprobates,
and we've made a car that brings video game lag into the real world.
- It lands right on the hazards,
so for when we crash... [laughing]
- Oh, there's two. I felt like I just did a magic trick.
- It's upside down! [laughing]
- Really?
- So here's the plan.
Inside this shrouded driving compartment...
Are you okay in there?
It's just suddenly very bright for him.
The driver can see the view projected on this monitor,
and that view is coming from this front-facing camera just here.
And that view can be delayed
as it runs through the passenger seat computer,
and that can be by fractions of a second
or by a minute if we wanted to.
Right, you ready?
- Yeah.
God d--
- Right, Michael, are you ready?
- Ready is a relative term, Tom.
- Okay, on minimum lag, here we go,
in three, two, one, go.
- Oh no!
We're about to crash into the--
- No, you got it. Just go slow.
Go right.
Hard right, hard right, hard right.
- Woo!
- Now, we are not running a proper double-blind scientific experiment here.
But, from our rough results, here's what we found.
If the view is only very slightly lagged, the brain just copes with it.
It's weird watching a screen to pilot a car,
but it can be done.
Oh, that is weird!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop!
- Where's the shifter? Where's the shifter?
If the view is very lagged, by more than a second,
then the brain treats it as two separate tasks,
and it's like a logic puzzle.
- Okay, okay.
This is...
This is actually, I think, a little nauseating.
Oh my lord!
This is awful, Tom!
I have to go really slow.
I don't know. I actually, like, I don't feel sick.
I just feel, like, very confused.
- You can drive and you feel those reactions,
and you use the old view to plot your course,
but the two are unrelated.
It's a bit confusing and a bit nauseating, but no more
than looking at any other screen in a moving vehicle.
Oh, I don't like this! I don't like this at all!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop!
[laughing] - Really?
That's so confusing!
Like, in motion simulators this is what you find.
You can trick the body, as long as it's doing a little bit of movement,
that it thinks it's doing a lot.
It turns out it works the other way.
But there's this weird spot between those two,
where the view is just lagged by a fraction of a second,
enough that the brain is trying to reconcile
the movement and the view but failing constantly.
And that, that is not pleasant.
- Bro! [laughing]
Oh no!
- Oh, this is so bad!
- So I go over here.
So I'm in the future, right?
So that means I'm going too far right.
Too far!
Awesome. I'm gonna go ahead and vomit into that bucket if you don't mind.
- How do you feel?
- Oh my God! That is the worst thing ever.
- Oh!
Oh yeah, this is an unpleasant experience.
- Oh no!
Oh, I don't like this at all!
- Okay.
Okay, go a little wider with this one.
- Not wide enough!
- Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Woop, there goes that cone.
- Oh no!
[shouting] Now I'm nauseous.
That's bad.
- All right, Tom.
- What was the time?
- You have officially the worst time of the day.
It's like two minutes and 30 seconds.
- That's fair. All right.
Let me... could someone please,
I'm gonna put the parking brake on and keep my foot on the brake.
Could someone please remove the cone from under the car?
Thank you very much to William Osman for partnering in building this with me.
- Donating the car.
- This was mostly you work and your car.
Check out his channel for that.
Thank you, Michael, for coming along.
You can check out his channel
for a lot of videos that have been demonetized.
Thank you, folks.
- We need to buy a buffing wheel.
- It's gonna need more than a buffing wheel.
- I'm sorry.