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It started out in China in the early thirteen hundreds when they stumbled upon gunpowder (was probably by accident) [and] mostly would just use
It for their fireworks and weapons then it took five Mormon centuries for us to give a **** again
A little Later Isaac
Newton worked out how the planets stay in orbit around the sun
And how the galaxies all got that way maybe we can use the stuff for getting to the Moon one day?
But chill out mate that's still [200] years and one U.S. away, but no one really knew if you could breathe outside the atmosphere
So maybe it'd be smarter if we all just played it safe down here. Nah screw It Let's go
Do it space is taunting us and Mars looks pretty dope
The Rockets back then in the 1900s were all solid fuel and Robert goddard came up with a three-stage plan to upgrade all combustion chamber
So they were much smaller, but more powerful and everyone was like yeah, yeah, but that's just plain impractical
It wasn't because that kick-started a turning point in rocketry in other worlds at war and we're all after new technology was this being used most notably by Germany
To land people in London in the graveyard and infirmary but world war [two] is over now
And everybody's eager to snap up the german scientists who pioneered the first V2 especially America who wanted to get humans into space
But then most rockets ran on Liquid [fuels] bought the bonus of them complex thrust adjustment and mass ratio or lack thereof America adopted these improvements
Then largely because Russia's getting pushy with their Star Nerd [Sergei] [Korolev]
He gives the soviets a Rocket modeled on the Reich's
V2 then spent some time in prison where he masterminds program to get people into orbit, but first animals make their debut
Woof woofski comrade laika cheers to you and [russian] the us Meanwhile trying to beat them sending humans into space
Whoever wins will celebrate with bill borscht in any case And Nasa is doing pretty good with von Braun helping out with German Smarts
Right about then Russia's time for rocketry is finally here in 1961 Yuri Gagarin left the atmosphere
Returned to Earth as someone future astronauts would soon revere
Too bad he died soon after in a jet crash [Sorry!]
America was soon to follow after with their own attempts and alan Shepard flew freedom 7 free of accidents
Though russia watch for vodka smokes and no doubt lashings of contempt
Now it's the u.s.'s turn for spacey tries at brave pre-empts
hey what's the big enormous white thing floating in the sky at night. Let's go see if that cures our frightful scientific appetite
Hey JFK stop riding around in open motorcades oh Jesus Christ!
America was sad, but the space race continued resolute then more disasters followed due to fire and twisted parachute Apollo 8 went great
[but] didn't plan to did a [lunar] loop right moon, How's it going? BRB
We're going to walk on you
Then one year later Armstrong and buzz aldrin touch the lunar floor and mankind was united in a global truce
Forevermore my god we're all so tiny and what's all this fighting even for I?
Fuck it back to work
Hey Russia when's the next atomic war there five more missions landed on the moon and made it back again ignoring the [Thirteenth] which suffered something
Of an accident and good news, Nasa all fundings cut so like no more spacing about for a bit
And that was the last time humans ever left earth orbit, so, that's good
Isn't it we've got plenty more important things to be doing like walking around collecting
Imaginary Japanese water demons on our phone very crucial to our species development
Team mystic represent by the way will bathe in the blood of our enemies
So now the u.s. Took the moon the russians cannot barely wait to get ahead or leave a legacy behind at any rate
Let's launch a bunch of space stations, then goodbye to the soviet state the iss was next up there and now we all collaborate
to explore the planets near and far
We mostly just use probes these days because space is kind of dangerous and full of deadly Cosmic Rays and human
explorations cool but probes are cheap and patience pays
and Juneau is now in Jupiter, but Mars gets or the Twitter praise well
Hopefully, we'll colonize the solar system sometime soon and take ourselves a greater or hovel on a martian moon lets pray
We just stay cool 'cause Total Recall didn't look much fun at all
Nasa's Budgets pretty small
But now there's a new
substitute because private
Corporations help our astronauts with their commute that's one small step for man next time it might be with a nikey boot and Elon Musk's
a cooler Tony stark with out the robot suit
We're doubtless
[let's] just beginning on our Journey on Beyond the skies for perils and delights my mind waves take us by surprise a message to our grandchildren
Let's hope you're more evolved and wise
But most of all good luck cause heaven knows you'll fucking need it guys.