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So we're about did you find this fossil right about here so really close to visitors
Kylie Ferguson was a third grader when she visited badlands on a vacation with her family in 2010
Years later that eventful day remains fresh in her memory
the day I came it was a
fossil January 2 program and they told us what fossils looked like and what to look for what kind we'd find here and then they
Released us to go look for fossils. That's and I found it. Do you remember what you initially saw? I saw a little white shiny?
crescent moon-shaped
Thing and I wasn't sure what it was but it definitely looks like a fossil and
Originally, they thought it was a sheep like animal, but then they saw sabers and they realized that was definitely not a sheep
And so then they excavated it and got it out. And that's whenever they realized it was a sabertooth
Did they call you or did they like you pick up the phone and they're like yo Kylie that thing you found
yes, they were extremely excited and
They're not the most rare animal, but the condition mine was founded was
At just seven years old Kylie Ferguson made an unusual discovery
Had a saber-toothed tiger scope. This also was very unique because of the incredible preservation
Of the skull we just have so much detail preserved a huge discovery made by a little girl
Kylie's fossil skull belongs to an animal called Anam Ravid which is distantly related to true saber-toothed cats, but no less ferocious
It's been almost a decade since her discovery. And in that time this remarkable specimen has been collected scanned and studied by
Paleontologists whose research has led them to reconstruct its final moments
So we think this thing was attacked well there's a little hole here for the optic nerve that same hole is here
But there's another hole right next to it which bits an attack from the side. He got stabbed in both eyes
So you didn't just find an amazing and immaculate skull you actually stumbled across a murder mystery
Yep, and this is 32 million year old murder mystery cold case. Yeah
Did this experience give you a sort of impression that science is something that anybody could do yes a seven-year-old seven-year-old
Finding one of the best-preserved Catskills in this area. I think that's great
And I think it's awesome that you had gone through the program and like had your training and you knew what to do
And it's resulted in this amazing scientific discovery. I think that's really awesome. Me, too