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in this video sponsored by story blocks I'm gonna show you how to get this
psychedelic look using After Effects
I created this hour in procreate and then exported it as a PSD to tidy it up in
Photoshop before importing into After Effects first I'll quickly explain the
animation happening within the mushroom and then I'll go through how to build
this breathing color distortion that goes over the whole animation from
scratch in our main mushroom comp have got a different composition for each of his
different objects its head his eyes the inside part here and then first shirt as
well the head bobbing up and down is done with two position keyframes
alternating between up and down position at one second intervals just to keep
it easy and then some basica easy easing applied to them it also rotates from
minus one degree to one degree between these two positions just to make the
animation a little less robotic the neck bending was done with the puppet pin
tool I put one at the base of the neck and there one at the top of the neck
where it attaches to the head the top one animates down with two position
keyframes the same as the head and I've added an alpha inverted matte here to just
cover myself in case the neck pops up about where the head should be I don't
often use the puppet pin tool when animating because I finally can deform
your animation it's an unpredictable and ugly looking ways but here that works
well because the movement is pretty subtle I animated this looping inside of
the mushroom by creating a rough lips with our pen tool with no fill and a
stroke and then animating it to shape path shrinking down into the middle with
two keyframes I selected preserve underlying transparency over here that
means that this layer will not be visible over anything that's transparent
underneath it's like like it's choosing everything below it in the layer stack
as an alpha matte I also added a roughen edges effect to match the rough
brush that I used to draw this in procreate then I just duplicated this a
hell of a lot of times and offset them so they continued for about five seconds
these waving lines that are in the head and neck are all just shape layers with
a stroke and to wave warp effects applied if we solo one layer we can see
that the first wave warp applies this nice sort of repeating sine wave and the
second one adds a bit more randomness the way by adjusting and messing with a
few of the settings to get the effect you want a different speed width and
phase are all good for that and then the same rough on edges of
to again match the procreate brush and then duplicate that layer and adjusted
the shape and wave warp setting from each one slightly together to be a
little different from each other but not too different so they cross over and
overlap I've got an animated texture over the whole thing in this main comp
as well so check out my looping textures tutorial for my process on creating that
as well as adding this background overlay texture I also added some
additional footage thanks to this video sponsor story blocks story blocks is an
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all this footage and thinking of what I could use to make with it how I could
you know possibly deform and manipulate these phases of footage do you know make
something funny or interesting there's loads of great stuff
experimented with this animation using these very groovy abstract psychedelic
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to get that breathing color warping effect across the whole animation that really sells that
psychedelic edge to it let's create a new comp containing this mushroom main comp
by selecting it over here in the project panel and dragging it to the new
composition window and let's rename that mushroom top we're going to create this
effect by distorting each individual color channel of this main composition
to do that let's add the effect shift channels at the moment all the color
channels are set in their regular way the red is red the green it's green and
the blue is blue let's leave red at red let's take green from green to fall off
and blue to fall off as well now this comp is only showing the red
color channel which in itself can look pretty cool let's makes two duplicates
of this comp with ctrl D and in the second one let's change the red to full
off and the green to green and the next one the red to fall off and the blue to
blue now got a layer for each of our color channels red green and blue, R G
and B if we change the blending mode of the top two comps from normal to add it
creates a full color version of our original comp underneath but if we just
select and move any of the layers you can see that they are all separated
which puts us in a very good place to add some neat effects one thing we can
do is create some chromatic aberration which is the effect where a camera lens
splits the color Channel to do that let's zoom in really close
and with that top comb selected let's nudge it a few pixels to the left using
your arrow tools and the one in the middle a few pixels to the right
they can start to see the very edges we get a bit of purple and a bit of green
coming through here and the further how you push these the must be the effect
gets alright that's enough for me let's not go crazy for the mean warping let's
add a turbulent displace effect to that bottom comp and as soon as we add that
now you can see it taking shape I'm going to tweak the size the amount to
where I want it to be at its maximum distortion now where default this
distortion doesn't animate so we're gonna animate the evolution property so
that we're going to alt click the stopwatch next evolution and we're gonna
type in the expression time * 200 and now we'll just keep increasing that
value indefinitely with the lower number down here it'll slow down with a higher
number it'll get much faster but I think 200 works good for us now to keep this
distortion as psychedelic sort of breathing effect we're gonna keyframe
the amount property so one second in let's keep in the amount at 30 and then
at 0 seconds in let's change that down to zero so now we're back to zero
distortion on this animation and let's just copy those key frames every second or so
let's add some easy ease with f9 and now we've got one color
channel breathing and to duplicate that we simply copy this effect and paste it
to our other lights now we've applied it to the bottom two layers you'll see they're
warping in pretty much the exact same way to change that we go down into my
evolution options I change the random seed to any number other than zero and
now you can see it's splitting up more severely as long as these numbers are
different from each other they will warp in completely different ways and this is
also warping our background texture in our main layer which looks a little bit
funky so let's go inside there copy that and paste it on top here you can warp
all three of these color channel comps if you want or just to the more you
apply to it the more this psychedelic effect kind of can get out of control so
you can always go back in and dial down the amount on these keyframes from say
30 to 20 and see how that looks then it's also a bit of a stylistic choice
but I've added an adjustment layer with the posterize time set to 12.5
to just give it a bit more of a lower frame rate and there we have some
psychedelic breathing animation thanks again two story blocks check a link in
the description to find out more about story blocks video I made a short
playlist of some related videos that'll think
enjoy if you've made it this far I'll see you in the next video and please
consider subscribing if you'd like more of these videos every week
Subtitle: Zoe J Marriott