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I am in Morocco!
Well, not really. I'm actually in Disney's version of Morocco, in EPCOT --
-- which is why this particular back street has an emergency exit.
And here is something you might not know, and it's about...
ice cream.
See, I'm in America. And in America, this ice cream has to contain milk.
Actual milk. Specifically, a certain percentage of milk fat.
But if I were in Britain, that's not necessarily the case.
You see, British ice cream, unless it has the phrase "dairy" on it,
can actually be made of something called "bleached deodorised, hydrogenated vegetable oil".
Which means that the stuff you get out of ice cream vans
and the cheap stuff you get in supermarkets
might not have any milk in it at all.
This, on the other hand, is American ice cream,
which means I can be certain -- or at least reasonably certain --
that it's made with milk.
And that's something you might not have known.
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