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The hard drive has been the main storage device in computers for decades now.
Do you ever wonder what's on the inside?
Hard drives are sealed so that no dust can get inside, once you take yours apart it most
likely will not work anymore.
The platters is where the information is stored.
Both the top and the bottom of each platter
is used so it can store as much information as possible.
The actuator arm is how it reads and writes information.
They never actually touch the platters but you'd need a microscope to actually see that.
It moves so fast that the human eye will have trouble keeping up with it.
The platters are split up into tracks.
...and each track is split up into sectors.
When you read or write to the hard drive, the actuator arm must find the right track.
And the platters must rotate so the right sector is underneath the arm.
It only takes a few milliseconds for this to happen.
This may seem fast but compared to newer technologies this is much slower.
In recent years the hard drive is being replaced by the SSD -
also known as the "Solid State Drive"
These have no moving parts on the inside which means they are faster, smaller, and use less power.
However, SSDs are still a lot more expensive than hard drives.
How long before the hard drive is obsolete?
Only time will tell...