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Our relentless stampede towards wealth and comfort
has cracked open our Earth.
Can you feel her, sagging and groaning
under the weight of our greed, ecosystems severed, barren,
and bleeding?
But all hail progress, right?
We have bruised, and abused, and depleted our lands.
Given warning after warning, we bide our time.
Knowledge is no longer the great barrier it once was.
Earth is shedding her familiar skin,
and this home will no longer welcome
we, who have squandered our humanity on progress.
We no longer have the luxury of tending to our own,
waiting for someone somewhere to do something,
gorging on articles, reports, statements, acting
as if taking in more information will change in our fate.
The truth is laid out in broad, scorching daylight, written
in oil, and blood, and ash, cosigned
by the cries of ancient wisdom.
We did this.
We've run out of time, and consequence is not on our side.
But before you drown in this sea of pointed fingers,
before you aim your fists in blame, lift up your hand
and say, yes, to the future that is now ours to construct.
Despair is not an option.
Our ancestors have not survived the catastrophes the war,
famine, and enslavement just so that our fragile spines could
not even break the glass on our screens.
Stop screaming into your boxes, and look up!
We must press forward.
Hope is the only option is hope is the only option is hope
is the only option is hope is--
the only option is to not opt-out.
We will not opt-out.
We will not be enslaved by our desire for power,
our desperation for power, our dependence on power.
But can we regenerate this world with our power,
our wealth, our knowledge?
Our know holds the power to change.
We can't just stop this train of progress.
We must reroute.
We must heal the damage.
We must--
But the one thing we need more than hope is action.
Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.
So instead of looking for hope, look for action.
Then and only then, hope will come.