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in my first animating with AI video you voted for me to tackle Rick & Morty next so here we are
"I'm something of a scientist myself"
I initially tried using deep fake software like deep fakes where Beta and Face app for this but they all
failed to read a 2D character as a human face like you might expect so
coming up short with that I tried my life back with EB synth which is a style
transfer software that doesn't technically use artificial intelligence
but I thought it might get us a similar result to a deep fake that we could
apply to animation last time doing The Simpsons the biggest problem we ran into
is the lack of detail in the original 2d footage all the flat colors meant that
there wasn't enough landmarks information to track the movement
accurately so we've got some strange results for a more reliable base let's
try it with a 3d version I'm using this footage from Dan Beauvais who has done an
incredible job of modeling and animating loads of Rick and Morty scenes all in
Maya I'm gonna use this clip here from the pilot and I'm gonna select a frame
where he has an open mouth to get all that teeth detail that we want and I'm
going to take that into Photoshop and repaint it in a new style to apply that
to the whole scene instead of going 100% digital painting I'm gonna use a photo
montage of mr. Dafoe's wonderfully expressive face because we have to match
the proportions of the original frame very closely this is going to look a bit
strange it turned out just just a tad more horrifying than I expected and I
wasn't exactly expecting it to be particularly flattering here's before
and here's after let's put an image sequence of the original clip and a new
frame into EB synth and take a look
this is actually way better than I was expecting
the extra lighting information from the 3d
rendering makes a huge difference to show the difference here's a frame that
I've tweaked to fit the original 2d footage and let's see how that one compares
this one is significantly more horrifying
especially with the way the teeth mangle and mash into each other is particularly upsetting to me
I also did another version with William Defoe's head put straight on to the footage with
no editing at all let's see how this one looks
Ok, this one isn't great either but it kind of tracked to his head pretty nicely
it's mainly the eyes in the mouth move but you know mess it up a fair bit the
3d one wasn't perfect by any means but I think for some use cases maybe a
psychedelic sequence where this sort of floaty painterly look that you get could
work really well and this software would save a whole lot of time in that process
I did one last test using what the software was built for adding style to
film footage where added some more Rick like features to mr. Dafoe here
this one I think turned out great it's much more subtle but the hair the
eyebrows and the pupils are nearly flawless and even though the dribble
sort of jumps about a bit on his chin I kind of think that doesn't matter too
much in the context of the whole scene it kind of looks like the light is just
reacting to it and it's not too noticeable or distracting the only real
error I noticed is where the eyebrows sort of breaks apart in this section
here but I think we can live with that please let me know down in the comments
what other animated properties you'd like to see me vandalize for this and
some other cutting edge software I'll see you in the next video
Subtitle: Zoe J Marriott