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So I was really excited to join the GSL program because my long-term passion is to teach.
In today's world, you need to understand people a lot more than before.
Be able to understand people's cultures how they approach business how they interact at work.
And so I think that this gave me a really good learning opportunity for myself while also being able to fortify my own
education experience by teaching.
People come from different fields
Some people came from more technical backgrounds. Some people came from finance and people came healthcare and
Not only are they learning from us, but we're also learning a lot from them from their expertise
I love that Uruguay is clean. I think it's really spacious. I like that cars don't honk at each other.
La playa es muy bella tambien. And I love that everyone in the morning has their little maté drink.
The thing that I like most here is the people and especially my students
They're so excited about the topics that we're teaching them
So far, I really enjoy the program
I think one thing that's been very interesting is first people has been very very motivated
People are very engaged and that's something that's very exciting for us teachers as well
I really see that they want to make something out of themselves in the program
They want to leverage this program to its fullest potential to create change in their own business environments