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Lately I've been thinking a lot about
immediacy in fact I've been thinking
about this topic for months, and by immediacy
I just mean doing things in the moment,
doing things without much preparation
maybe being a little bit impulsive
oh my goodness
whoa its you! Crazy! yep [excitement]
that is the best reaction I've ever seen
You're great man. I love watching all your videos
thank you so much i'm trying to shoot a video for
2veritasium right now and yeah
weird that
yeah it's great like[...] [Derek:] what's your name?
Missa? ya really appreciate your work man
ay, it's my pleasure
it's great to meet you thank you that
was crazy and unexpected and this
that was the best reaction ever
i'm just going to visit a school here
in Stockholm, back to what i was saying
you know I felt like a lot during the
past year I was kind of waiting for the
right moment and to me that's added a
bit of distance from you people who I'm
trying to talk to and explain things to
and you know i joined vessel couple
years ago which is another video sharing
platform and all they asked me to do was
uploaded a video to that platform a week
before I uploaded it to youtube and to
me I didn't think that was too much of a
big deal because you know the videos I
make aren't that time sensitive and I didn't
think anyone who's watching these videos
would really care but I think it did
change things that changed the
psychology for me about making a video
because i couldn't just make a video one
night and have it posted to YouTube the
next day I'd have to know that it's only
going to get released in seven days and
I mean I, I rationalize it to myself
saying you know it's like a steady-state
thing as long as you're just continuing
with your process it what does it matter
that there's a time delay but i think it
did matter and it made me less excited
about just going ahead and making a
video because i don't know there's not
that immediate reward of being able to
post the next day and see what everyone
what you think
so maybe that's really what got me
thinking about immediacy by the way
vessel folded so I now have my
immediacy back i can post this in the
next hour if I really wanted to and I
like that
the other thing that I think increases
distance between you and me is the whole
scripting process
I mean in theory scripting makes
everything better and i think it has
made my videos better over the years
from the early days when I didn't really
script at all and then I just had to
figure out what to do with stuff in the
Edit now I think the videos are a lot
more concise and I rarely say a word
wrong and I think that's helpful but i
also think there's something to be said
for just being conversational and it's
easier to be conversational when you're
talking off the top of your head and I'm
curious about what you think. do you
think that I don't know the sort of
conversational style even if it's more
stilted even if there are pauses or
things that are misspoken is that better or
is that worse i don't know but i
definitely think that just getting on
with it and doing things is important
and maybe the past year the pendulum for
me has swung too for too far towards the
the preparation side of things you know
the other extreme is doing live videos
which I kind of like the idea of for the
reason that you really can't stop you
can't edit anything and it's your raw
self and it's a really dynamic and open
immediate conversation the problem I
find with live especially for doing
educational videos is I don't know that
those videos would be better than what
you could make if you really prepared
for it in fact I mean I think you'd have
to do a lot of preparation before you
went live in order to make sure that the
video was useful and even then I think
it'll probably take you longer than it
would to make a shorter clear concise
educational video
I tried facebook live a couple weeks ago
and it's interesting because I feel like
it's kind of manic I see all of these
comments come up on the screen and I
just feel like I want to respond to
everyone as soon as I see it and I know
that that that just makes for a crazy
viewing experience that one that might
be really hard but I want to know about
you as well is there anything that you
have been putting off because you don't
want to screw it up i mean i think
that's the thing that counts against
doing things immediately is you do it
now it might be bad and then you're
going to know that it's bad and this is
this is like the standard problem that I
think most people encounter i think it's
the main reason for procrastination if
you try to do something right now and it
goes poorly you're going to know and
then you can't delude yourself into
thinking that it's going to happen at
some future time and it's going to be
better and then you put it off and put
it off and put it off until the deadline
hits you at which point you panic
horribly and and then you do it and
maybe it's good or maybe it's not good
at least you didn't spend very much time
on it because you just cram it all into
the last moment I think that's the main
reason for
for procrastination so let me know in
the comments is there anything that you
have been meaning to do for a long time
and haven't even started it because
you're worried that it's I mean for any
reason. Is there-is there do you think that this
immediacy thing is that is important i
think i think it is it is for me so I'm
gonna work on doing things in a more
immediate fashion