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Last time I did a video about gravity...
I was trying to get across that gravity changes depending on where on earth you are.
For a few reasons, including the earth not being a sphere
and what I forgot, was the composition of rocks, but...
What you might not know
is that gravity doesn't always point straight down towards Earth.
If you're next to a massive mountain,
something on the scale of Mount Everest,
then the mountain will exert its own gravitational pull,
which means that the forces add and--
Oh boy!--
The forces add...
Here we go!
Which means...
Oh, this is bad, this is scary. Oh boy!
Which means that gravity sometimes
doesn't point straight down.
Oh boy. There's a sign...
Today's lesson is that when it says "slow down",
it really does mean "slow down".
You can come off on an alpine slide!
Don't believe the people who say,
that you can go down without brakes.
Don't believe someone who says, this isn't actually terrifying
and that you don't need to slow down around the corners.
You do!
And if you don't
it hurts!
Never mind gravity.
THAT is something you might not have known.
Injury count:
Road rash in four places,
hands stung with nettles,
and significant damage to my pride.
Chris and Matt, they got down just fine.
So like I was saying,
gravity doesn't always point down,
but remember that it does.
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