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So you can see how I actually control the plasma is
by using magnetic fields.
So if you run a current through a wire,
it will generate a magnetic field,
and that's one of the beautiful things about electricity
and magnetism.
MITES is a summer program for rising seniors.
It's here at MIT, and basically, it's
for underserved minority groups and trying
to introduce them to STEM.
But it's also to put these different students
in a diverse environment.
I did it my year, 2017.
The biggest thing that I took away from it
was that confidence.
For strong acids, this always--
And I really wanted to come back here and give back.
Ever since I was in MITES as a student, I was like,
I'm going to come back and be a TA.
The classes that they're taking in college
are spread over 15, 16 weeks.
But they are just trying to learn as much as they can
within six weeks.
And I always tell them that it's incredible
how much you guys are learning.
You came in not knowing any of this,
but they had midterms last week, and when
we're turning back the exams, I'm like, remember, guys?
Three weeks ago, you didn't know any of this.
You would have gotten a zero.
So any improvement or anything that you learn is amazing.
I did MITES in 2015, and now I'm back four years later
to TA Physics 2.
1.26 times 10 to the negative 6.
I'm from Lawrence, Massachusetts, and MIT--
they do outreach there, and they try
to get as many Lawrence kids to come to this other program
called SEED.
Next thing, I'm at MIT every Saturday.
It's how I found I was interested in engineering.
And then my junior year is when they had MITES applications,
and I decided to apply.
Going to MITES and meeting these TAs that
were like me, in terms of race, ethnicity,
background, other types of identities,
gave me the confidence to say, if they're
going to all these amazing places, then
what's preventing me?
The students that I had in 2017--
I still talk to them, still checking in on them
because they just finished their first year in college.
Just being able to encourage them
and what they're interested in and what
they want to do in life and what they have the potential
to do as well.
It was a shock coming from an underserved high school,
inner city, where my classes weren't really challenging me,
and then getting to Stanford.
And MITES really prepared me for that.
We have so many of us that come back, and a lot of us
are asking ourselves why.
Why do so many of us want to come back and give back?
And really, it's because MITES was our home,
and just like kids go back home, we also
come back home to MITES.