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I haven't been in a forest
I haven't been in a forest quite...
....eerie as this..I'm not gonna lie
Bad reputation aside this is no place for a leisurely stroll
Because of its location at the base of a mountain, Mount Fuji
The ground is uneven, rocky and perforated with hundreds of caves
But more jarring than its tricky terrain, is the feeling of isolation created from the stillness
The trees are too tightly packed for winds to whip through and the wildlife is sparse!
One visitor described the silence as "chasms of emptiness"
Chasms of emptiness
She added "I cannot emphasis the absence of sound, my breath sounded like a roar"
Oh someone just liked my picture on Instagram
The Aokigahara Forest is at the base of Mount Fuji
and has the reputation for being a notorious suicide hot spot
So much so
That it has been nicknamed the Suicide Forest
And in recent times the forest has been featured prominently in literally billions of films and documentaries!
All looking to exploit the reputation to make lots and lots of money
Over the years, numerous annoying people have said to me: "Oh, you live in Japan...
" should go the Suicide Forest"
"You should make a video"
And I've always thought:
No! You go to the fucking suicide forest, why can't I go to the Tokyo Lollipop Museum or the Sendai Donkey Farm
Truthfully I never planned on going there
but the other day, a friend and I were in the area, taking pictures of Mount Fuji
But then afterwards we actually wanted to go to McDonald's
But turns out the forest was actually on the way
to Mcdonald's so if we we here and Mcdonald's was here
The forest was kind of in the middle in this region
And so we thought: well let's go and check out and go and have a look
Ironically it was supposed to be a date as well.
This is the worst date ever!
Uh just hold the camera!
I was a bit creeped out by the forest
and even editing it I was worried I was gonna see something in the background
Though I hadn't seen one while I was filming it
And when I look back at the footage of the forest now
It seems 3 times as scary.
Especially after I added the sinister royalty free soundtrack
it ups the contrast by 50%
So in 2010 it was estimated that 200 people had successfully committed suicide here.
But hundreds more come around here to plan it but don't go through with it
And many come and actually camp in tents
Sometimes for days, decide whether or not they want to live.
But as of 2011 the local government doesn't actually publicize the number of people who come here
here to do it because they don't want to promote it.
They don't wanna keep this reputation up.
But because of popular culture it's more prominently known, more than ever, you know
There was a film with Matthew McConaughey and Ken Watanabe recently
Natalie Dormer from Game of Thrones, she was in some film that looked shit
It was made here..
In fact I'm surprised
we've been walking along this path
and off the path
for a little bit now
and I haven't seen anyone!
Which makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable.
Are the only ones stupid enough to come down here?
Some believe there are mournful spirits
lingering in the woods.
Folklore claims they are vengeful, dedicated to tormenting visitors and luring those that are sad and lost
off the path.
Why did we come here again?
It is creepy, like I'm not even exaggerating
There is a strange eerie, creepiness to this forest.
Going off the path can lead to ghastly discoveries..
Are we gonna go off the path?
Let's be careful not to lose track of where the path is.
There's a lot of holes in the ground.
I don't like...I really don't like this forest!
I don't like looking down holes and..
..wonder what's over that hill..
Oh boy
We went off the path a little bit.
And that's not a good idea.
Given how dense it is, it's quite easy to get lost.
And I'm not really enjoying the whole exploration aspect of this forest given its reputation.
And what its reputation is for.
There's kind of a sense of foreboding.
Just around every corner and every little cave hole.
Of which there are many
You don't, you don't wanna look down them.
If you do get off the path be careful, because my foot just went down one of those holes
Pretty terrifying!
I really don't like this!
So apparently in Harry Potter
the character of Severus Snape in French, what was it?
Severus Rogue
Severus Rogue?
We call him Rogue
Professeur Rogue
Professor Rogue
Okay what about Hermione?
Hermione Granger.
Professor McGonagall
Cedric Diggory
Hang on what's that??
It says: Jesus loves you, Hello!
Jesus loves you, in Japanese basically!
Uuuh, yeah!
Something else must've been written on this!
At one point or another
I don't think they put this metal placard thing in here and scribbled on it with some black marker.
There must've been a real message on here at some point.
Whenever I feel a little bit uncomfortable
or on edge
I really wanna play a song like: "September" by Earth Wind & Fire
Raise the spirits
Probably don't use that phrase "raise the spirits" here!
But I don't want to A: Piss off the spirits
or B: get down for Copyright infringement on YouTube
So...can't do that!
It says here you may not be able to call for help!
As the forest is rich with magnetic iron.
The soil of the forest plays havoc on cellphone services, GPS systems and even compasses.
But some believe this feature is proof of demons in the dark
Who writes this stuff?
But if you do come to the forest I can assure you
You do have a signal, look at that!
Here you go, 2 bars!
2 bars and a full LTE
So if you do come to the forest
don't worry
You can still enjoy YouTube and various other services
from the Internet.
I found something!
A bag!
That's all we found in the forest actually!
Just this bag and that red..that was wet
And that red metal placard thing telling people Jesus loves them!
which will of course help people not want to kill themselves.
But yeah we haven't found much here
Which is good because I don't wanna find anything in this forest
It's probably the first time I've made a video and not wanted to do anything or have anything happen in it.
Just wanted to show you what it's like, so everyone who's been winging at me for the past 4 years
about coming to the Aokigahara Forest
I feel like I've been vindicated now
You've seen the forest
You've seen how wonderful it is.
Don't come here.
By any measure..It's not even a nice place to come for a stroll!
It's just horrible!
You can't even listen to Earth Wind & Fire!
Yeah just avoid it really!
We're off now to Shibuya aren't we? So I can make up for the day!
Nice guy, yeah
Really nice date, I enjoyed it very much
There's a bee!
This actually is a date by the way!
I'm not making this up!
I am a complete dick head!